Tragic Death Of NFL Star Demaryius Thomas And Its Unexpected Cause

The sudden death of NFL star Demaryius Thomas was a mourning day for the sports industry. But little did anyone know about the reason for Demaryius death. Thomas played for his team, The Denver Broncos for as many as eight years.  The team was hugely affected by the sudden loss of their favorite team member. To honor the legacy of Thomas, the team posted a note to share their feeling regarding the situation.

 In 2021 December, the statement on Twitter read, “D.T. was beloved by our entire organization, his teammates and coaches and our fans. Recently retiring as a Bronco, we were very music looking forward to celebrating Demaryius for years to come as one of the greatest players in franchise history, We have lost an incredible player and a special person in Demaryius Thomas.

Our hearts and deepest sympathies go out to the Thomas family and all who are grieving this unimaginable loss.” “Demaryius’ humility, warmth, kindness, and infectious smile will always be remembered by those who knew him and loved him.”

But the recent reports have disclosed information about Demaryius Thomas’s death. As it was a sudden incident, everyone has been seeking answers since then.

What Did The Researchers State About Demaryius Thomas’s Death?

 After a month of research, the doctors finally came to know the real reason behind Demaryius Thomas’s death. It is now officially confirmed that the extraordinary player died due to a life-threatening degenerative disease. The research was done on Thomas’ brain to find out the truth of the situation. 

A specially appointed expert team of doctors from Boston University took charge of studying Thomas’ brain. The reports related to the findings regarding his readings were disclosed on 5th July, Tuesday. Neuropathologist, Dr. Ann McKee revealed this information to ABC News regarding the health condition of the Denver Broncos player.

It is guessed that Thomas probably had a seizure but still, the medical examiners have not officially confirmed the reason for his death To provide further clarification on the situation, Dr. McKee even stated how CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy does not usually become the reason for death. She explained, “You don’t die from CTE. What CTE does is it changes your behavior and your personality.”

So, it was an unlikely situation that the NFL Star had to face such an untimely death.

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When Did late Demaryius Thomas Die?

On 9th December 2021, Demaryius Thomas died in Roswell, Georgia. He was found dead back in his home just a few days before his 34th birthday. The world was paying tribute to the legend. Back at that time, CNN confirmed that there were no medical issues recorded back then.

Besides, the authorities didn’t even state any details regarding the medical issues. However, the people close to Thomas claimed that the two-time AFC champ struggled with several seizures post his 2019 car crash.

Death NFL Star Demaryius Thomas
Death NFL Star Demaryius Thomas

Demaryius Thomas’s mother, Katina Stuckey Smith opened her heart to ABC News, “His mood would change, and he would also isolate himself sometimes,” “He was like, ‘Mom, I don’t know what’s going on with my body. You know, I gotta get myself together,’ and he said, ‘I don’t feel like myself anymore.’”

As a matter of fact, these seizures aren’t some usual side effect that anyone who suffers from CTE may experiences. But there were certain other symptoms hinting how his health wasn’t right. These were memory loss, paranoia, cognitive illness, and much similar erratic behavior. But it was too late to identify these as death took him away.

After playing for 10 seasons, Thomas finally retired from his NFL career in June 2021. Though it was a tough decision for the player, he still wanted to do this for himself.

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In June 2021, he released a statement, “Always as a kid or always when I did something, it was always [giving] my best to go and go and go. And football was my go. Every year I tried to get better and better, and I knew I was aging, of course. It was something tough, but I’m grateful I did 10, 11 years. I’m so grateful for that and now I can move on. I’m happy, I’m healthy. And now I can try to find my next itch.”

The death of NFL star Demaryius Thomas didn’t let him enjoy his retirement because he was gone too soon. The results are out now and it is heartbreaking. We wish peace for his soul. 

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