Man Charged Over killing Of Kirra-Lea McLoughlin

It has been almost a decade since Kirra-Lea McLoughlin died. The mother of the victim has been fighting to find justice all this while. Recently, a man charged killing Kirra-Lea McLoughlin provided long-pending clarity to the situation. On commenting about the justice served in the Kirra-Lea McLoughlin case, her mother said that she had the feeling as if “a black cloud has lifted”.

The man charged with killing Kirra-Lea McLoughlin is a 40-year-old man. In the morning police proceeded to arrest him and the man charged with killing Kirra-Lea McLoughlin near Gympie was taken into custody after 8 long years.

What Happened To Man Kirra-Lea McLoughlin?

On 17th July 2014, Ms. McLoughlin was dead after she had a severe head injury. She was lying dead at her own home located in Beenham Valley Road, Wolvi. The victim was then taken to Gold Coast University Hospital and McLoughlin was declared dead the very next day.

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With the verdict of the man charged with killing McLoughlin, Alison Russell who is late Kirra-Lea McLoughlin’s mother, talked with ABC news. She explained how this situation has taken off the added weight of getting justice from her shoulders. “I am gobsmacked, but strangely relieved and feel like a giant black cloud has been lifted from over me.”

Just a year back, new reports show that Ms. McLoughlin had swelling in her brain that lead to the “obstruction of air or blood”. This ultimately became the reason for her death. The Queensland Police Homicide Investigation Unit continued their proceedings in Gympie and finally, the man charged with killing McLoughlin was arrested.

How Did The “Alleged Assault” Lead To This Murder?

Regional Crime Coordinator Detective Acting Superintendent, Ben Fabian who was in charge of this charge claim that Ms. McLoughlin, “suffered severe injuries after being assaulted in her home on the 17th of July, 2014,” “We’re in a strong position to present a good case to the court.,”

Man charged killing Kirra-Lea McLoughlin
Man charged killing Kirra-Lea McLoughlin

He even added that this coronial inquest had become an invaluable process that helped the investigators. “The coroner was able to exercise additional powers that were not available to the police,” “This resulted in key witnesses being identified and interviewed, witnesses who were previously  interviewed and reinterviewed, exhibits being re-examined, and additional expert medical evidence being obtained.”

The investigators were also questioned as to why it took them such a long time to arrest the man charged with killing Kirra-Lea McLoughlin. But he explained that it was done to find concrete pieces of evidence to arrest the convict. He stated how the situation couldn’t be rushed and they couldn’t risk any mistake.

“I understand people’s frustration with it, but the onus is upon us to get it right,” “With the coronial findings, there were no adverse comments made about the Queensland Police investigation of the matter and we are comfortable with the investigation we completed.”

A former Queensland police officer who is also the host of a famous Beenham Valley Road podcast bought this subject amidst the mass after covering it. Jamie Pultz claimed how happy he was to receive the news.

While talking to NCA NewsWire, he explained, “I was in bed with the flu and didn’t sleep last night and Alison sent the message saying, ‘Can I call? It’s very important.” “I jumped out of bed. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing.“It‘s been such a long time coming and I’m honestly just beside myself. So happy.”

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The name and other details regarding the man charged with killing McLoughlin have still been kept a secret to maintain privacy. Since the man is yet to be proven guilty, the authorities have decided to keep everything related to the alleged assault hidden from the public eye. The arrest was made in Brisbane and he is currently under custody. It was claimed that the man had assaulted McLoughlin 200km north of Brisbane.

As of now, the man charged with killing McLoughlin will be presented at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday. The hearings will proceed and more details are going to be unveiled over the period. So, wait for the final verdict of the man charged with killing Kirra-Lea McLoughlin. It is going to be made public soon enough. 

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