Woman Jailed For Nine Years For Killing Baby Niece In Her Care After The Death Of Her Twin Sister

The world has gone cruel and it seems like you cannot even trust your twin sister. A woman jailed for nine years for killing her baby niece is all over the news as justice has been served. The incident happened in November 2018 and Sandra Leigh Houston was finally charged guilty for her heinous accidental crime.

The woman jailed for nine years killed her baby niece after putting her through unbearable pain. It was one of the most heartless crimes in recent history. So what happened on the day when the woman jailed for nine years killed her baby niece.

The Murder Of Senah Houston

Back in November 2018, five-month-old Senah Houston was urgently taken to the emergency section by Sandra Leigh Houston, her aunt by blood.  She was rushed to hospital after bearing critical injuries and in just a day, the infant lost her life.

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Huston who is 38 years old decided of making voluntary admission to the police regarding murdering her niece. Though it was an accidental killing, ultimately the woman was jailed for nine years, killed her baby niece, and shattered her family. However, she did try to inflict harm on her niece.

Woman Jailed Nine Years For Killing Baby Niece

On Wednesday, the trials for the case finally came to a decision. The woman was jailed for nine years for killing her baby niece. Initially, she pleaded to reduce the charges of her crime in the Supreme Court of Brisbane. She stated that the murder was fully unintentional and had never thought about killing her.

Woman Jailed Nine Years Killing Baby Niece
Woman Jailed Nine Years Killing Baby Niece

However, during the court proceedings, Houston confessed to the count of “grievous bodily harm and child cruelty”.

While sentencing the woman to jail for nine years for killing her baby niece, Houston said that she was taking care of Senah only for three months. The child’s actual mother who was her twin sister died in August 2018 and the responsibility for the children suddenly came on her.

Even Jason Bowman, Houston’s husband claimed that Senah was found “limp, cold and floppy in a bedroom” of the couple’s Waterford West home just the day before the child died. Then the couple drove that innocent life to Logan Hospital where she was found dead.

Adding to the trial, Crown Prosecutor Mark Green brought it to the court’s notice that Senah “was deeply comatose” and even after watching that, Houston “showed no urgency”. She only stayed back in the hospital for “less than an hour”.

What did the details that the court reveal?

More shocking details were disclosed during the court hearing. According to court details, the baby was even flown from one hospital to another hospital. Moreover, Houston and Mr. Bowman, no one even cared to learn about the progress of the infant’s health until she was removed from life support.

As per Mr. Green, Senah had signs of suffering from “traumatic” head injuries. These injuries are the results of careless shaking and forcefully putting down the child when she was alive. The records suggest that the child had around 40 injuries like fractures, bruises, and even abrasions.

He added, “Some of the injuries show healing … which suggests they were inflicted at different times.” When Houston was asked about the truth of the situation by the police, she said, “it is possible I exerted too much force on the baby.”

While talking to the psychologist, she disclosed how irritated she was with her niece. She even threw her from “between waist and chest height.” Moreover, she admitted to feeling nothing while doing so.   This led to justice taking the decision. As a result, the woman jailed for nine years for killing her baby niece ultimately served justice. She didn’t have any criminal history but this did depict the act of inhumanity. 

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Justice Thomas Bradley stated, “One of the few means left to show care for Senah is to impose a just and appropriate sentence for your conduct, which ended her life and before then, involved cruel and ultimately lethal mistreatment of her,”

The verdict resulted in the woman being jailed for nine years for killing her baby niece. She is now a serious violent offender who is going to serve a minimum of 80%. So, for now, she has to serve her time and pay a penalty. 

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