Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Death

Shinzo Abe is the prime minister of Japan who has been in office the longest. In 2020, he announced his resignation from his position as Prime Minister, citing health concerns.
He served as Prime Minister of Japan for two separate terms, the first from 2006–2007 and the second from 2012–2020.

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NHK WORLD News in Japan announced that the death of Shinzo Abe, a former prime minister of Japan, has been officially verified by the relevant authorities. Earlier, when he was giving a lecture in the city of Nara, which is close to Kyoto, there were shots fired at him.

Abe Shinzo, a former Prime Minister of Japan, was assaulted by a criminal on Friday, who shot him in the city of Nara. During a speech that Abe was making in the western region of Japan, he was ambushed from behind.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Death Confirmed

He was sent to the hospital right away, and treatment was administered to him there. However, it has been confirmed that he has passed away.

Reports indicate that on Friday, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave a speech at a campaign event that was held in the city of Nara.

When the sound of gunfire was heard, the leader was in the middle of giving a speech at the gathering in advance of the elections for the upper house on Sunday. After he was shot, Abe did not exhibit any signs of life, therefore he was sent to the hospital as soon as possible in a critical condition.

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During the time when the former prime minister was making the stump speech, the witness claims that the accused person approached the scene from behind. “The first shot sounded as though it had been fired from a toy. There was a loud blast, and he did not tumble to the ground. According to the eyewitness who was interviewed about the incident, “the second shot was more obvious; you could see the spark and smoke.”

Following the occurrence, the suspect was quickly taken into custody, and the gun was removed from the location. According to the police report, Abe was killed by a shot fired from behind using a shotgun.

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