What Are Enhancements In iOS 16 beta 3 Released By Apple? AFib History, Lockdown Mode, Lock Screen Updates and More

WWDC22’s presentation included the announcement of iOS 16 beta 3, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura. A lot of attention has been paid to the iPhone’s Lock Screen this year. The days of having almost identical iPhone Lock Screens are long gone.Users may now modify the typeface, add widgets, and choose backgrounds with a depth effect on their devices. That isn’t all that iOS 16 beta 3 has to offer, though. Improved Mail, Messages, FaceTime, Reminders, and many more features are also included in this update.

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Almost all of the new features mentioned during Apple’s keynote were included in the prior betas. Then then, there are a few more developments to look forward to. iOS 16 beta 3 includes the following features.

AFib History

AFib History is a new feature in iOS 16 beta 3 and watchOS 9 that allows people with atrial fibrillation to see how long and how frequently they’ve been in the condition. Apple’s Health app has been updated to include an AFib History section, and the AFib functionality has been enabled in watchOS 9 beta 3. Only people in the United States may currently access AFib History.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

The version of iOS 16 beta 3 adds support for iCloud Shared Photo Library, which is intended to make it simpler for you to share images with members of your immediate family as well as with close friends. Each participant in a shared picture library has the ability to add, remove, and modify any image in the library. You may invite up to five individuals to share a photo library with you.

Lockdown Mode

If you have reason to assume that you are the target of an attack, the only time you should use this mode is when you have reasonable grounds for making that assumption. When you turn it on, attachments in Messages, including links, as well as some web technologies, FaceTime calls and invites from strangers delivered via Apple services, and a number of other things, are disabled.

iOS 16 Beta 3
iOS 16 Beta 3

Calendar Lock Screen Widget

While the iPhone is locked, the Calendar Lock Screen widget will no longer offer information about the next impending event. This change was made to protect users’ privacy. It obscures the information until the iPhone’s owner can unlock it and access it themselves.

iOS 16 Beta 3

Earth Lock Screen Wallpaper

Widgets will no longer be able to obscure the image of the world when you have the Earth Lock Screen wallpaper installed. When widgets are utilized, the picture of the earth goes downward, and when there are no widgets put, the image of the earth travels upward. In earlier beta iterations, the widgets would sometimes overlap one other.

Lock Screen Time Font

One of the new font options on the customizable Lock Screen for iOS 16 is a thinner version of previous typefaces, while another choice is a thicker version of the serif font that was previously available. Additionally, there are now a total of 12 fonts from which to pick.


A new “Include Due Today” option has been added to the Reminders app’s Settings section. Instead of just counting things due today, it takes into account those that are overdue as well as those that are due today.

iOS Version Interface Update

If you open the Settings app and go to About > iOS Version, you’ll see that the user experience has been modified when you press on the version number. It is now less complicated, and it does not appear as a pop-up card. Additionally, it does not connect to Apple’s security page.

Clownfish Wallpaper

Users who have downloaded and installed the third beta version of iOS 16 are reporting seeing a Clownfish wallpaper choice. This wallpaper was included on the very first iPhone, which was shown by Steve Jobs in 2007, however, it has never been made available to the general public. Although not everyone is seeing it at the moment, it has the potential to become an available wallpaper choice in a subsequent beta.

Stage Manager

A brand new splash display has been added to the iPad in order to represent the Stage Manager function. In addition to this, there are new videos that will guide you through the steps of using it, as well as an upgraded menu for multiplexing that has better labeling.

iCloud Splash Screen

A new splash screen will appear if an iCloud+ membership option is selected. This screen will provide an explanation of the benefits.

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Virtual Card Support

Support for virtual cards while purchasing on Safari has been included in iOS 16 beta 3. Virtual card numbers (similar to Apple Card) may be generated by certain banks and card providers so that clients can avoid having their credit card information stolen online. Based on the beta code, Safari on iOS 16 will be able to enable this feature.

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