Young Royals Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Latest News

The new popular series, Young Royals have become the favorite of the viewers in such a short time. After Netflix has dropped its season 1, anticipation about season 2 is already on the cards. No more guessing games, as we know for sure that season 2 is on its way to release. But are you not sure about the release date and other details of Young Royals season 2? Keep reading this article to find out more.

What Is The Production Update Of Young Royals Season 2?

The first season ended and the production of season 2 has also wrapped up. Netflix has confirmed that Young Royals season 2 and updated us about completing the production on 11th May 2022. Through official Netflix’s Twitter account, the OTT giant updated,

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That’s a wrap on Young Royals Season 2! Can’t wait for everyone to see what’s next for Wilhelm and Simon”

Its green settings and the royal castle in the photos are something that you cannot ignore. The two photos have garnered thousands of likes and it gave us the surety that Wilhelm and Simon have more stories to share with the fans. 

What Is The Release Date Of Young Royals Season 2?

Though the news related to production was updated by the Netflix team the fans did have to wait a little longer to know about the release date. However, do not expect much since the exact date is yet to be revealed.  After a month of declaring about season 2, Netflix updated about the released date on 1st July 2022 by tweeting. The streaming platform stated that Young Royals season 2 is going to premiere worldwide in November. 

Now for the expected release time, it is expected that season 2 will be dropping at around 12:00 AM PT or 3:00 AM ET. On the other hand, British viewers can expect it to drop at around 8 AM, the Australian viewers can watch it from 7 PM, and 9 AM in Spain. The date and time will differ according to the audience’s time zone.

Young Royals Season 2 Tentative Plot

Let’s just clarify that the plotlines for the upcoming season have not been revealed by show writers and creators. But the show is going to resume from where the season 1 finale episode ended. Erika Calmeyer has created a masterpiece and the last two episodes made the fans look for more answers.

Young Royals Season 2
Young Royals Season 2

We saw how Wilhelm was left conflicted when the sex tape got leaked. He was worried about the aftermath. Simon deals with the press and Felice, Simon’s mother, will discover new things. So, the relationship between Simon and Wilhelm no longer remains a secret in spite of being bound by love. In fact, fans will probably see August having a connection with sibling Sara.

While having an interview with The Next Rush Magazine, Lisa Ambjörn talked about season 2 and the expected storylines, “There are a lot of storylines that were cut short in season one, as is always the [case], and I’m a writer that has a problem with trying to squeeze too much in any way. So I feel like we haven’t even begun touching on some of the themes and character developments, so there is a lot to unpack still.”

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“It’s a story about what happens when someone starts challenging a power structure with a long history, and males have been on top of that power [historically], it felt like the right choice to center it around masculinity. You can almost say it’s a triangle drama between Wilhelm, Simon, and August in the sense that August and Simon compete for Wilhelm’s attention, pushing and pulling him in different directions.”

Hopefully, there are going to be six episodes as well for Young Royals Season 2 each with a runtime of 43 to 50 minutes.

Young Royals Season 2 Cast

The main cast whom the audience has adored in season one will be back to make new records. Your most favorite characters are signed in for season 2. So, Edvin Ryding (Wilhelm), Omar Rudberg (Simon), Frida Argento (Sara), Malte (August), Pernilla August (Queen Kristina of Sweden), and others will be seen.

Since Wilhelm’s brother, Prince Erik has passed away in the show, Ivar Forsling will not return. There are some unknown characters who are ready to be new inclusions in the series. However, their names are undisclosed. 

The latest updates about season 2 are currently out and fans do have high hopes for it. So, are you excited?

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