Jason Momoa And His Ex Were Spotted Together Just Weeks After Alleged Split (Latest Updates)

After he split up with his wife Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa’s rumored love life has gotten as much attention as the making of his next movie, Fast X. Soon after he and Bonet said they were breaking up, they were seen together, which gave people hope that they might get back together. Fast forward to now, when Momoa and his supposed ex-girlfriend Eiza González were seen together just weeks after they were said to have broken up. This made people think of the same thing.

The first time Jason Momoa and González were seen together was on the red carpet for the movie Ambulance. This started rumors that the two were dating back in May.

Jason Momoa And His Ex Were Spotted Together Just Weeks After Alleged Split
Jason Momoa And His Ex Were Spotted Together Just Weeks After Alleged Split

People are now saying that the two action stars were seen leaving the same London restaurant on the same night, just minutes apart, after spending about the same amount of time there together. But it’s not clear how or why the supposed lovers were there, and different reports give some very interesting details.

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One source says that the reason Eiza González and Momoa broke up was that they are different. She likes to date for a long time, while he doesn’t seem to be interested in anything serious right now. Even though people say there is a big gap between them, it seems like they are just waiting to see where things go and continue to enjoy being with each other. So, who knows what’s going on?

Some people have even said they hope González and Momoa will be able to get along, even though they have different schedules (Momoa was just in Italy filming Fast X) and have some major differences. But now is a good time to point out that Jason Momoa and Eiza González never really told the public that they were dating. So, at this point, the breakup is also in the “rumored” camp.

Momoa has been very busy in the last few months. He and Lisa Bonet are helping to raise their children together, and he has been working hard on movies like Fast X. Still, he confirmed that he and Bonet were no longer together, but who knows what Jason might say soon to clear things up? Or perhaps not.

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He’s not the only famous person who hasn’t said anything about a rumored relationship in the past few weeks. Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise are said to have dated after they worked together on Mission: Impossible 7. This is only confirmed by rumors, but she did go to the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick.

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