Dick Gregory Net Worth 2022 (Today Updated): Wiki, Married, Family, Career, Earnings & Latest Updates

Among the most popular civil rights activists in America, Dick Gregory is a name that is popular globally. Well, it is not just for his achievement as a civil rights activist but also for the entertainment he has provided over the years. Dick Gregory’s net worth has become a crucial point of discussion amongst fans who have followed this legend all this long and the fans of the comedy he used to produce.

He is more than just an activist as Dick Gregory excelled in writing, entrepreneurship, and obviously his comedies. The world popularly knows him as a writer and a stand-up comedian. 

It was in the latter days that he tried his hand at politics and became a civil rights activist. Over the years, in his life, he has been a part of various endeavors and it totally justifies the huge Dick Gregory’s net worth he has. From a career in stand-up comedy to writing, and running his own business, Dick Gregory’s net worth has grown over the years and this talented personality has also done multiple television and radio appearances.

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Dick Gregory’s Early Life

Dick Gregory was born in St.Louis, Missouri in October of 1932. Growing up, he didn’t find a lot of interest in academics and studying. Though he has made an empire for himself and created the huge Dick Gregory net worth, it was actually running that got him going in school. His teachers in the Summer High School were so impressed with his talent on the tracks that they helped him get into Southern Illinois University on a track scholarship. 

As a matter of fact, Dick Gregory got better and better with his running and went ahead to set school records for the half and one-mile runs. He continued studying alongside running till 1954, and then he had to leave his college education to join the army. It was in the army that Gregory found his passion and interest in comedy. 

Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory

Dick Gregory’s Career

Today, Dick Gregory’s net worth is impressive but it all started with the interest in comedy he got while being in the Army. He participated in several events and also won many Army talent shows. From the Army, he went back to school to complete his education but dropped out eventually.

Dick Gregory got so interested in comedy that he became a part of a new generation of black comedians like Bill Cosby. While in the day he would work in the post office to make ends meet, at night he would be performing at nightclubs. He also got an opportunity from Hugh Hefner to work at the Chicago Playboy

Dick Gregory’s net worth is also because of the active interest he took in politics. He attempted to run for the presidency in 1968 but ended up losing. From there he went to become an American activist and a feminist. Dick Gregory however continued to do what he does best, comedy.

Though in the beginning, he was performing in clubs that the Blacks patronized, he eventually started performing for both Black and White Audience. After performing in the Playboy Club Chicago, he got an appearance in “The Tonight Show Starring Jack Paar”

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Dick Gregory’s Personal Life

In terms of his personal life, much has never been disclosed about his girlfriends or who he dated. During his time in politics, he did become a feminist and got married to his wife Lillian Smith in 1959. The couple has 11 children together. 

Dick Gregory Personal Life
Dick Gregory Personal Life

Dick Gregory’s Net Worth and Businesses

Though he died on August 19, 2017, at the age of 84, Dick Gregory’s net worth is still standing strong. As of this year, the total Dick Gregory net worth is $8 million. Over time, apart from being a comedian and entertainer, he also founded businesses.

In 1984, Dick Gregory’s net worth grew, even more, when he founded Health Enterprises Inc. With this company, Dick Gregory wanted to improve and increase the lifespan of African Americans. The diet plans and ideas earned Dick Gregory contracts worth millions which eventually contributed largely to the Dick Gregory’s net worth we see today.

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