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DJ Mustard Files For Divorce After Only 1 Year Of Marriage

DJ Mustard Files For Divorce After Only 1 Year Of Marriage

DJ Mustard Files For Divorce After Only 1 Year Of Marriage

After barely one year of marriage, musician DJ Mustard has submitted paperwork to begin the  DJ Mustard divorce process with his wife, Chanel Thierry. The Blast has received court records indicating that Mustard, whose actual name is Dijon McFarlane, has submitted a petition for the divorce of his marriage heard in the Los Angeles County Courts.

Mustard tied the knot with the woman he had been seeing for a very long time in October of 2020. The divorced couple has a total of three children together and announced their engagement in 2018. They had been together for eight years at the time of the event in question.

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Mustard claims in the paperwork that the pair divorced on May 2, 2022, after having been married for just 1 year and 6 months total. He is requesting that the court grant the couple “joint” legal and physical custody of their three children, whose ages range from two to ten years old.

DJ Mustard Files For Divorce After Only 1 Year Of Marriage

The well-known DJ asserts that the former couple signed a prenuptial agreement, which states that the property and cash should be distributed in accordance with the terms of the agreement. The amount of spousal support will often be outlined in the agreement throughout the divorce process.

When it comes to determining child support, it is most probable that the amount will be calculated as a proportion of each party’s individual income.

Mustard is requesting that his “jewelry and other personal things” as well as his “earnings and accumulations…before marriage, throughout the marriage, and from and after the date of DJ Mustard Divorce ” be ruled as his single and independent property.

Because he is such a well-known artist, he receives royalties and has a sizable net worth; thus, the amount of money in question is, as you would guess, rather substantial.

The media has reported that DJ Mustard just popped the question to his long-term partner with an engagement ring worth half a million dollars after DJ Mustard Divorce.

It’s interesting to note that the exes genuinely knew one other after the first meeting when they were only adolescents. A number of well-known people, including Joie Chavis, Bow Wow, and Ella Mai, made appearances at the wedding, which was a significant and important occasion.

After dropping over half of his body weight, Mustard was going through a transitional period in his life at the time after DJ Mustard Divorce. He informed his followers about the issue on Instagram, writing, “I’ve hesitated about not sharing on my birthday because of everything that’s going on, but then I thought to myself, do you realize how difficult it is making it to the age of 30 as a black successful guy in this world!!!?”

To which he said, “I do, and today I’m celebrating 30 years of life!” In January, before the lockdown, I made a commitment to myself that I would concentrate more on my health and on myself, that I would stop using social media, and that I would disregard any and all distractions that I did not need. So, here I am now, 30 years old, and I’ve lost 47 pounds!!!!”

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In the same breath, Mustard says, “I adore dressed in luxury clothing and it’s hard to purchase them if overweight. I was sick of going shopping just to find that I couldn’t wear any of the clothes there, and I wanted to improve my health in general. My kid likes to run around the house, and I would really appreciate it if I could catch him.”

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