Maggie Season 2 Cancelled or Renewed? (All Latest Updates)

What would you do if you could gaze into a crystal ball and know what the future holds for you? What would you do if you could get a glimpse into the future and see what is in store for you? Concerning a potential future iteration of your life?

Maggie, the title character of the new romantic comedy series on Hulu, is a psychic whose life is turned upside down when, for the very first time, she starts to see glimpses of her own future. The series follows Maggie as she navigates the upheaval caused by this realization.

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Maggie, played by Rebecca Rittenhouse, is used to reading the palms of other people and telling them what she sees for their futures. However, when she reads the palms of a handsome stranger named Ben (played by David Del Rio), she sees the two of them getting married and having a child together. When she closes her eyes, she sees that their future is bright.

Maggie’s own psychic, Angel (Ray Ford), warns her that the future will always appear regardless of whether or not she wants it to. “You know as well as I do that the future always shows up whether you want it to or not,” Angel says.

Maggie Season 2 Cancelled or Confirmed? (All Latest Updates)
Maggie Season 2 Cancelled or Confirmed? (All Latest Updates)

But not all of Maggie’s visions turn out to be accurate. Maggie is now on the road to figuring out her own destiny, which is a key distinction between fate and destiny since the former may be altered. The idea is adorable, but it’s not exactly groundbreaking; yet, it provides for an enjoyable and simple watching experience. Will there be a second season of it?

Will There Be Hulu’s ‘Maggie’ Season 2?

As of this moment, it is not known for certain whether or not Maggie Season 2 will be coming or not. The viewing figures for the Hulu series have not yet been revealed anything yet about Maggie Season 2, and it’s possible that they will never be made public. This information comes from the all-knowing TV Series Finale. However, despite the fact that the series, which premiered on July 6, 2022, is about predicting the future, we are unable to do so in this case.

In addition to that, there has already been some confusion with Maggie. Maggie was supposed to be an ABC programme when it was initially conceived by its creators, Justin Adler and Maggie Mull, with the first season of the show set to premiere during the 2021–2022 broadcast season. The order was placed in May of 2021.

However, in January of 2022, Hulu decided to acquire the romantic comedy when it was reported that ABC did not have a place in its lineup for the series.

“After a delay of 14 months, Hulu has begun airing the series that was first ordered more than a year ago. It is quite evident that neither outlet has placed a high emphasis on the programme, and I believe that the choices for the cast’s contracts have now run out. If they decided to keep this programme on the air, it would take me by surprise “wrote the Telly Vulture segment for the TV Series Finale. They bring up an interesting topic.

Maggie has a score of 70 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience score is 92 per cent, and although viewership is probably the most relevant metric, we will point out that Maggie now has a score of 70 per cent. However, given that there are presently just a few evaluations to go off of, these statistics will undoubtedly be subject to change in the near future. A per now we can just wait for any official announcement regarding Maggie Season 2.

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Nichole Sakura (Teenage Cocktail), Chloe Bridges (Daytime Divas), Chris Elliott (Schitt’s Creek), Kerri Kenney-Silver (Reno 911), and Angelique Cabral also star in the series alongside Rebecca Rittenhouse (Four Weddings and a Funeral), David Del Rio (A California Christmas: City Lights), and Ray Ford (Brother to Brother) (Undone).

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