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The Undertaker Net Worth (Today Updated): How Rich is This WWE legend?

undertaker net worth

undertaker net worth

The Undertaker is a worldwide famous American professional player who has been impressing audiences since 1984. He then became an esteemed member of the WWE in 1990 and The Undertaker’s net worth has an instant transformation. He is a legend in the wrestling industry. The Undertaker’s net worth is very much relevant because of his two contrasting gimmicks, the “Deadman” and the “American Bad Ass”. He has been a childhood hero for kids and adults alike. Even today, the world discusses The Undertaker’s net worth and how he just became an icon over his career.

The Undertaker’s Early Life

Originally named Mark William Calaway, he was born in Houston, Texas on 24th March 1965. Mark has four elder brothers and he was the youngest. When he studied at Waltrip High School, he was an active player on the football and basketball teams.

Next, he studied at Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas which was located almost 115 miles northeast of where he lived. The Undertaker’s net worth may not have been adequate at that time but his talent won him a basketball scholarship in 1983. He took the opportunity to get transferred to Texas Wesleyan University in the year 1985 and there, the star got a major in sports management.

Mark chose to drop out in 1986 to pursue his career as a pro basketball player in Europe. But soon, wrestling grabbed his interest and the rest is history.

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The Undertaker’s Career

The Undertaker’s net worth was hardly anything when he made his pro wrestling debut on 26th June 1987. He started with World Class Championship Wrestling and came with the name “Texas Red”. For quite some time, he was known by that name. Next, he became associated with the Continental Wrestling Association in 1988 which led to the development of multiple personalities. He was known as “The Master of Pain” as well as “The Punisher”.

But The Undertaker’s net worth and identity were established in 1989 when he signed World Championship Wrestling. Initially, he had the name “Mean Mark Callous” but soon changed it to “The Undertaker” and then started his career in WWE 1990. In no time, he became one of the most famous wrestlers in the history of WWE.

The Undertaker’s net worth mainly resulted from his series of wins. His iconic movie, “The Streak” gained immense popularity. Moreover, The Undertaker had 21 straight victories in his career, at WWE’s “WrestleMania”.  He has a prestigious status of 25-2 overall while participating in “WrestleMania”.

The other wins that were notable additions to The Undertaker’s net worth are:

The Undertaker also participated in 174 pay-per-view (PPV) events. He is deemed to be one of the legends who had made headlines in four different decades. These are mostly the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s. The most iconic duo was his storyline brother, Kane.

Apart from his wrestling career, he even did films. He debuted with the 1991 film “Suburban Commando”. Mark kept making appearances on “Poltergeist: The Legacy,” “Celebrity Deathmatch,” and “Off the Record with Micheal Landsberg”.

Much of The Undertaker’s net worth comes from being featured in games as well.  He is in video games like “WWE Super WrestleMania” (1992) as well as “WWE2K20” (2019). Besides, there is also a version of the game exclusively designed for him. It is WWE2K14 which had a special Undertaker-themed version. 

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The Undertaker’s Personal Life

Mark had quite a several marriages. With his first wife, he had a son. They were married from 1989 to 1999. His second wife was Sara with whom he exchanged vows in 2000. They had two daughters before finalizing their divorce in 2007. He is now married to Michelle McCool who is a former wrestler. They got hitched in 2010 and their first child was welcomed in 2012.

undertaker Personal Life

The Undertaker’s Net Worth

After a career that blessed him with fame and money, The Undertaker’s net worth is $17 million. The couple lives in a lavish mansion in his native land, Austin, Texas.  

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