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YouTube Removed Popular ‘Lofi Girl’ Streams After It Received False and ‘Abusive’ Copyright Claims

YouTube Removed Popular 'Lofi Girl' Streams After It Received False and 'Abusive' Copyright Claims

YouTube Removed Popular 'Lofi Girl' Streams After It Received False and 'Abusive' Copyright Claims

“Lofi hip hop radio—beats to relax/study to” is one of the three constants in life. As a result, the Lofi Girl channel was taken offline for the first time in more over two years by a DMCA takedown notice from YouTube.

For users who wished to study or work while listening to relaxing music, the stream was one of YouTube’s most popular destinations. As if they were a remote study group, listeners would utilize the stream’s chat to remind each other to take breaks and drink water. As a result, when the broadcast abruptly came to an end, the audience was alarmed.

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The “lofi hip hop radio” streams stand out in a sea of relaxing music on YouTube because they are streamed live. There is presently a “live stream recording unavailable” warning on the YouTube broadcast, but one of the most popular comments says, “I hope it isn’t finished yet; this feed is really a vitally essential aspect of YouTube culture.”

It is true. In addition to the 30,000-member r/LofiGirl subreddit and the 700,000-member Lofi Girl Discord, Lofi Girl has spawned a number of spin-off communities. An image of a girl wearing headphones while studying while her cat glances out the window at a cityscape has been reimagined in cosplay, copied by Will Smith, and reimagined on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel with a character from “Steven Universe.”

YouTube Removed Popular ‘Lofi Girl’ Streams After It Received False and ‘Abusive’ Copyright Claims

When asked about the unexpected disappearance of her radios, Lofi Girl responded with the following tweet: “The lofi radios have been taken down due to fake copyright strikes.” The hashtag #BringBackLofiGirl was created by Lofi Girl’s followers as a protest against YouTube’s decision to discontinue the show. While some made fan art, others went so far as to harass and troll FMC Music, the Malaysian label that reportedly filed the fraudulent copyright case, with their messages.

All of Lofi Girl’s music is released by the channel’s record company, Lofi Records, therefore the channel has the proper rights to share it with TechCrunch. YouTube ruled that the account was not in violation of copyright rules since Lofi Girl has the necessary rights to the song. Twitter responded Monday to Lofi Girl, claiming that the lost Livestream footage should be restored within 24 to 48 hours.

After contacting YouTube for comment, a representative pointed us toward the company’s previous reaction to Lofi Girl on Twitter.

For Lofi Girl’s next stream, it will have to start from scratch rather than be a continuation of the 2-year-old broadcast that has already been running for two years. A similar issue befell the station in 2020 when an unintentional suspension cut short its 13,000-hour run. It appears that the same difficulties have re-emerged after YouTube apologized and restored the account.

Many of the smaller producers who took part in this conversation, as well as those who didn’t, have been hammered daily by bogus claims made in videos and live streams, as Lofi Girl noted in a tweet after the event.

“abusive” takedown requests were made against Lofi Girl in YouTube’s response to the channel today, meaning that they were used as an attack on the channel rather than a genuine concern for copyright issues, according to the official statement.

This is a typical occurrence, but platforms have had a difficult time determining which reports are true and which are false. In a tweet to TechCrunch, Lofi Girl said, “Unfortunately, we don’t know why FMC sent the complaint.”

Repercussions For Creators

False DMCA takedowns can sometimes reach as far as the utmost. Several YouTubers who were streaming Destiny in March discovered that they had received copyright violations. Bungie, the company that developed Destiny, had several of its videos compromised, and the company informed fans that it wasn’t responsible for the activities.

“Lord Nazo,” a YouTuber who claimed to represent Bungie’s copyright management agency, has set up Gmail accounts and filed 96 false complaints against prominent Destiny YouTubers. Blizzard said they were going to make an example of the YouTuber and sued him for $7.6 million last month.

Video game broadcasts are often allowed “fair use” since the works are transformative, even if copyright law can be ambiguous, especially in new digital media.

The fact that movies like “The Entire Bee Movie but every time it says bee it speeds up by 15 percent” are so popular on YouTube suggests that they have the power to alter viewers, and it’s easy to see why. That “Bee Movie” spoof, for example, is just approximately 5 minutes long, compared to the 90-minute film’s running time.

The DMCA method is too easily exploited, as YouTube users have long understood thanks to the Bungie and “Lord Nazo” cases. Online producers that rely on YouTube ad revenue are particularly vulnerable to fraudulent takedowns, which can be used to their financial detriment.

Ban-as-service schemes, in which unscrupulous actors demand money to mass-report someone and have their account mistakenly banned, have also had an effect on Instagram producers.

Companies like Notch have attempted to pioneer an insurance business for online artists, guaranteeing daily compensation in the event that they lose access to their account, although their service presently only covers hacks and not wrong-doing bans There are limited avenues for authors to defend themselves in the event that their content is taken down or banned without their permission.

Popular YouTuber CodeMiko has expressed her fear that she would be kicked off Twitch in her dreams. It’s possible that the individual behind Lofi Girl got a reaction from YouTube quickly since the channel is so well-known. But for lesser creators, this may be an impossibility.

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There is still no protection or manual assessment of these bogus claims, Lofi Girl stated on Twitter. “We are astonished and disgusted.” There was no way to appeal or prevent it from happening, which is unfortunate because it was completely out of our hands.

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