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Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Outlines Strategy To Manage BA.5

Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Outlines Strategy To Manage BA.5

Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Outlines Strategy To Manage BA.5

As of today, the White House COVID-19 Team is announcing its plan for managing BA.5. The plan is based on ensuring that Americans have accessible and convenient access to immunizations, therapies, testing, and other tools for preventing and treating COVID-19 in the future.

We can prevent virtually all COVID-19 fatalities with these techniques, even in the face of BA.5, which helps individuals avoid hospitalization and saves lives. COVID-19 instances in the United States currently account for 80 percent of cases of BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of the Omicron variant, with BA.5 accounting for the bulk of cases.

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According to preliminary findings, the frequency of infections might climb in the following weeks since BA.5 may be able to evade the body’s natural defenses. The likelihood of an increase is greatest in areas where vaccination rates are low and vaccine-induced immunity is decreasing. People in the United States had few options for protecting themselves from COVID-19 in January 2021. That isn’t the case any longer.

The United States is well-equipped to deal with the threat posed by BA.5 thanks to the foundation laid by the President’s comprehensive COVID-19 response and the instruments made publicly accessible by the Administration over the previous 18 months. More than 222 million individuals in the United States have received all of their recommended vaccinations, and an additional 106 million people have had at least one booster injection.

Fact Sheet: Biden Administration Outlines Strategy To Manage BA.5

Vaccination is available to nearly every American, regardless of age. More life-saving therapies are accessible than ever before, as well as a wide range of at-home testing and high-quality face masks.

The American people have reaped enormous benefits from the President’s comprehensive COVID-19 response: Because of the vaccinations, therapies, and other tools made accessible to the American people by the Biden Administration, COVID-19 is no longer the disruptive force it once was.

Since the President assumed office, the number of COVID-19 fatalities each day has decreased by 90%. Schools in the United States have reopened. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, more Americans are employed in the private sector.

Moreover, the great majority of Americans are able to see loved ones, dine out, travel, and perform other activities they were allowed to do before COVID-19. National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan was issued by the President in March — an outline for continuing our battle against the virus and limiting its impact on our daily life. Since the Omicron surge last winter, we’ve worked to make sure that the tools we have are broadly available and easily accessible to Americans.

We’ve made some progress. President Trump’s administration will continue mobilizing all of the federal government’s resources to combat BA.5, including working with states, local leaders, and health care workers, as well as community and faith-based organizations, to ensure that the American people have convenient access to and use of vaccines as well as other preventive and treatment measures.

The following are components of the Administration’s plan for dealing with BA.5: Vaccines and boosters should be accessible to everyone: As part of the administration’s efforts to increase the number of people receiving booster shots, particularly those over the age of 50 and other high-risk groups like long-term care facility staff and residents, the administration will continue to work with state and local leaders, doctors and pediatricians, pharmacies and community health centers.

The rising incidence of BA.5 necessitates that all citizens in the United States receive their COVID-19 immunizations on time. There is little doubt in the minds of scientists that the COVID-19 vaccine is our most effective means of protecting individuals against major sickness, hospitalization, and even death, and receiving booster injections on a regular basis guarantees that people are as protected as possible.

In adults 50 and older, those who have had two booster doses are 42 times less likely to die from COVID-19 than those who have not received them, according to the latest CDC statistics. Adults who are up to date with their immunizations are 3.5 times less likely to be hospitalized.

Vaccines are available at over 90,000 convenient sites around the country for free. It is recommended that everyone above the age of five, as well as those who are moderately or severely immunocompromised, have a second booster injection at least four months after the first, and five months after the initial series.

Offering COVID-19 therapies in an easy-to-access manner and increasing patient and healthcare provider knowledge Continued collaboration between the federal government, state and municipal governments as well as the public and commercial sectors will be used to increase access and knowledge of lifesaving therapies in areas where BA.5 is spreading.

Paxlovid, a lifesaving antiviral tablet, has been demonstrated to minimize the risk of hospitalization or mortality by around 90 percent in the United States today. To learn if they are eligible for these therapies, those who test positive for COVID-19 in the United States may speak with their primary care physician or visit COVID.gov to locate a Test To Treat site.

More than any other country in the world, the Administration has acquired 20 million treatment courses of Paxlovid and has taken swift action to make these therapies widely available and educate health care professionals and patients about their accessibility and efficacy. Oral antivirals are currently available at over 41,000 places across the country, making them easily accessible to virtually all of the population.

From around 18,000 prescriptions written each week in January to more than 230,000 prescriptions filled last week, the number of persons benefiting from oral antivirals has expanded considerably as a result of the Administration’s initiatives this year. A third of verified and reported patients to receive free and effective oral antiviral medications each day.

COVID-19 testing should be made widely available for free, and this includes at-home testing. BA.4 and BA.5 testing are still significant tools in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. The Obama administration is urging Americans to take at-home testing before attending big, indoor events, traveling, or visiting immunocompromised patients.

As a result of President Obama’s executive action, the number of FDA-approved COVID-19 at-home, over-the-counter tests has increased to 17 from zero when he entered office. Since the start of the program, the government has opened COVIDtests.gov for the third round of orders to assist in guaranteeing that Americans have tests on hand in case a need arises.

This means that each family has had access to 16 free tests. The Administration has also made more accessible at-home examinations available to homes with visually impaired persons in order to assure equal access. COVIDtests.gov has so far given more than 530 million free at-home tests to more than 75 million American families.

Private health insurance, Medicare, and all Medicaid programs must provide at-home COVID-19 testing for free; health insurance policies currently include eight free tests per month per individual that may be accessible at local pharmacies and online.

More than 15,000 federally-supported free testing centers are available around the country. As a result of this initiative, 50 percent of those covered by the drugstore free testing program are minorities or residents of high-risk regions. making masks available to everyone for no cost and making advice about when to use them clearly: Using masks in public places to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 is widely agreed upon by experts.

Individuals can use the CDC’s COVID-19 Community Levels to determine if they should wear a face mask in public indoor areas. As the number of people infected by BA.5 rises, the federal government is urging residents to check COVID.gov for the presence of COVID-19 in their area and to follow the CDC’s advice about donning face masks when inside buildings.

Health care workers and the general public have both benefited greatly from the Biden Administration’s use of the Defense Production Act, which was signed into law in January 2021 and has been used to provide a plentiful supply of high-quality masks for the country’s workforce.

More than 400 million non-surgical N95 masks from the Strategic National Stockpile have been made available for free to the American public at tens of thousands of convenient locations nationwide in the last seven months to increase access.

This is the largest deployment of personal protective equipment in the United States’ history. In addition, the administration will continue to distribute masks and respirators to states, Tribes, and territories, adding to the 75 million masks and respirators we have already delivered.

Immunocompromised people should be given the most attention: It is expected that the Administration would continue to help those who are immunocompromised as the number of BA.5 cases rises.

A public awareness campaign has been launched by the federal government to make sure that people with impaired immune systems and others who are in close contact with them are properly immunized against COVID-19 and are receiving booster shots on time.

It is possible to provide COVID-19 immunizations to all of an immunocompromised person’s close contacts because vaccines are available for infants as early as six months old. Pre-exposure prophylactics like Evusheld, which the government continues to provide to doctors’ offices and clinics, may now be found in more pharmacies.

HHS will also develop a simple-to-remember hotline to make it easier for people to have access to this successful COVID-19 prevention tool in the coming weeks. Improving interior ventilation can help prevent the spread of BA.4 and BA.5 inside buildings, thus we’re encouraging building owners to do so.

More than a hundred billion dollars in federal funds have been made available to state and local leaders for the improvement of indoor air quality in public buildings and educational institutions.

The administration will continue to advance indoor air quality in buildings by increasing public awareness of ventilation and filtration improvements to reduce disease spread as well as by recognizing buildings or organizations that have improved their indoor air quality.

The administration’s “best practices” guide for improving indoor air quality and reducing the risk of spreading dangerous airborne particles and the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge, which calls on all building owners and operators, schools, colleges, universities, and organizations of all kinds to adopt key strategies to improve indoor air quality in their buildings and reduce the spread of COVID-19 will be expanded upon in these new efforts.

Additional interactive tools have been developed by CDC for use by building occupants inside their own residences, schools, and other institutions to better understand how air flows in their environment and what they can do to contribute to a healthier indoor environment through better air quality and ventilation.

COVID-19 vaccinations, treatments, testing, and masks are available at COVID for those who need them. Gov: It is the administration’s goal to keep people informed about COVID-19 and how they may protect themselves and their families.

It was earlier this year when COVID.gov was established by the Biden Administration, a new website that helps people identify where they can get immunizations, diagnostics and treatments like face masks.

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To get the most up-to-date information on COVID-19 levels in your area, enter the name of your county. It’s easy to get information on COVID-19 testing and ventilation with just a few mouse clicks. It is possible to visit COVID.gov using assistive technology in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese.

Over 150 languages are supported through the National Hotline at 1-800-232-0233 (TTY 1-888-720-7489), which provides access to all of these COVID-19 resources.

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