Magic Leap 2 Will Release In September 2022 for $3299

The headset from the future is here. You may remember the 2018 Magic Leap. Well, the newest version called Magic Leap 2 was under development for years. But fans were eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Magic Leap 2 release. The “smaller and lighter successor” is not only going better than its predecessor but also going to be costlier.

With the latest information related to Magic Leap 2 available all over the internet, customers are willing to know everything before making their purchasing decision. But will Magic Leap 2 really release in 2022 or there will be further delays? We have all the answers that you exactly want.

Magic Leap 2 Release Date: When Will It Launch?

The developers of the revolutionary product, Magic Leap 2 have moved forward to finalize the very last steps. As the report claims, Magic Leap 2 has been distributed to only a limited set of partners. Some of the companies that are confirmed to be on the list of Magic Leap 2 distribution are obviously SyncThink and even a multitude of top medical companies.

Magic Leap 2
Magic Leap 2

Now, we will reveal what you were longing for. Yes, here comes the release date of Magic Leap 2, and some of the most prominent parts of the world will have the first exclusive release.

Magic Leap 2 will launch in a selective location on 30th September 2022. The countries it will be available in the market for general purchases are, of course, the US, the UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For Singapore and Japan, the launch date is slated for somewhere around 2022 end.

If your country is not on the list, then the developer will be updating about that in the future.  

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The Price Magic Leap 2

To make the release of Magic Leap 2 extra special, let us tell you that the headset will be available in three exclusive packages. The main difference is going to the “software support” as well as the “intended purpose”. For those who want to buy the cheapest package of all, it is called the “Base”. The package is priced at $3,299 and the customers will be receiving a limited warranty on it.

For going a notch above the basic one, you can go for the “Developer Pro” option of Magic Leap 2. This lets the user make use of certain development software tools and even have exclusive early access to any software releases. However, please note that it will be limited only to internal development. It is retailing at a price of $4,099.

The best and costliest of all is the “Enterprise” package. You will be receiving a multitude of benefits in this version of Magic Leap 2. Priced at $4,999, the users will benefit from quarterly software updates. They will even get tools that will help to manage in “deploying the headsets across an organization”. 

So, there are the variables of Magic Leap 2 that will be launched in the market and you can buy it if you are really willing to spend such a huge sum of money on this.

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More Details About Magic Leap 2

Magic Leap 2 headset will come with all the little and big things that you need for operating it. This includes a computer puck that is supposed to power this costly headset.

It even features a simple remote-style controller.  The most important upgrade that makes it lighter and slimmer is that the Magic Leap 2’s weight has been reduced from 316 grams to 260 grams. That is a significant drop from what the customers were receiving earlier. Besides, the Magic Leap 2 is integrated with a 70-degree field of view. As a result, this is definitely going to be “less boxy” compared to the previous one.

The initial planning of the design and the hardware specifications of Magic Leap 2 began in 2019. To be clear, Magic Leap 2 is mostly meant for enterprise rather than consumer use. But if any individual is willing to try it, they can obviously buy Magic Leap 2.

The CEO of Magic Leap, Peggy Johnson talked with CNET about the company’s plan with Magic Leap 2. He mentioned that the developers are mainly focusing on three industries with its upcoming headset and these are, “health care, defense and public sector, and manufacturing and industrial settings.”

However, we are not sure that they are talking about Magic Leap 2 or any other model. Well, just a few more months, and then all the doubts regarding Magic Leap 2 will be clarified.

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