Me Time Release Date on Netflix

You are in for the best and hilarious treat in 2022 as Me Time is going to tickle your laughter senses. The top comedians of Hollywood have joined to give the audiences something that they are not going to forget anytime soon. Me Time brings Oscar nominee Mark Wahlberg and Kevin Hart to make the picture-perfect movie of this decade.

This duo hasn’t collaborated often but this new partnership is definitely going to be something interesting. Me Time is a comedy movie and we have all the details that will make you want to watch the movie even more. Brace your stars as Me Time is going to be awesome.

The Release Date of Me Time

Netflix likes to tease the audiences with their upcoming plans. And it was no different with Me Time. The movie will be exclusively streaming on Netflix and you will feel the rush as it is going to be too good to be true. 

Me Time Release Date on Netflix
Me Time Release Date on Netflix

But did Netflix announce the release date of Me Time? Yes, the streaming giant confirmed that the movie is going to release on your screens sooner than expected. Ready for the big reveal? Me Time will be released on 26th August 2022. It is a Friday and the worldwide release will allow everyone to watch it.

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Me Time Plot

Unexpected things happen in everyone’s life. But what if a night changes your fate. So, happens in the lives of the leads of Me Time. After a wild night out turns into something that goes horribly wrong, it is upon the leads to fix it. Kevin Hart plays the role of stay-at-home dad, Sonny, and Mark Wahlberg as well as Regina Hall will be Sonny’s best friends, Huck and Maya (who is also Huck’s wife).

Though Netflix has not provided more details about the storyline of Me Time it did release a synopsis. 

As per the information gathered from there, it can be said that the film is based on a stay-at-home dad who wants some. It will show the one fun night that the stay-at-home dad finds “me time” for himself when his kids and wife are out for the very first time in many years. The man spares no time to reconnect with his former best friend and plan an unforgettable weekend. But what will go wrong and how are they going to fix it? The movie will give all the answers.

The synopsis states, “When a stay-at-home dad finds himself with some ‘me time’ for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away, he reconnects with his former best friend for a wild weekend that nearly upends his life.”

Me Time Release Date on Netflix
Me Time Release Date on Netflix

The Cast of Me Time

Director John Hamburg who is famous for being the director of shows like “New Girl” has also written the screenplay for Me Time. To make the film a success in the OTT industry as well as the mainstream cinemas, top Hollywood stars have been cast in Me Time. So, who is in the star-studded cast of Me Time? The details are here:

  • Kevin Hart plays Sonny
  • Mark Wahlberg plays Huck 
  • Regina Hall plays Maya 
  • Jimmy O. Yang plays Stan
  • 24’s Carlo Rota plays Alberto
  • Club de Cuervos’ Luis Gerardo Méndez plays Armando
  • Tahj Mowry plays Kabir

There are many other cast members whose details aren’t yet updated. But we know that whoever they are, the film is going to be a masterpiece.

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Me Time Trailer

As of now, Netflix hasn’t dropped any trailer for their upcoming comedy film, Me Time. It is expected that the trailer will be released a few days before its final days of release. To keep an update about the Me Time trailer, check out our space.

Finally, the details and rumors surrounding the release of Me Time are over. Though the full list of information is yet to be updated, at least the audiences know when to expect the release of Me Time. So, if you love comedy films and want to watch something really funny, we can place our bet on the cast and plot of Me Time. Who else is waiting for the ultimate release of this film? Join the line!

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