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The DioField Chronicle Will Release on 22nd September 2022

The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle

You waited for it so long that it is becoming hard to believe about the confirmed release date news of The DioField Chronicle. Recently, Square Enix is teasing the gamers with multiple specifications that are making the gamers excited to find more answers. Before the announcement of The DioField Chronicle, it even proceeded to drop the “Worldslayer expansion to Outriders”.

But the news that made fans the happiest is the news of releasing The DioField Chronicle. It is an “all-new strategy RPG” that will open many doors to explore the excellent graphics of the game. So, what’s new about The DioField Chronicle and when will it be released?

The Release Date of The DioField Chronicle

In the latest announcement coming from Square Enix, the release date of The DioField Chronicle has been updated. This is a strategy RPG game that entices gamers with its extraordinary features.

But did the developers confirm the release date? Well, The DioField Chronicle is slated to release on 22nd September 2022. It is just a few months away before the gamers can finally get their hands on this exclusive game. However, please note that the release date is applicable only for gamers in the West and also in Japan. 

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On Which Platforms Will The DioField Chronicle Release?

To keep up with the requirements of the new-generation gamers, The DioField Chronicle has been made compatible with many of the gaming consoles that you may not have expected. The developers have shared the list of platforms in which The DioField Chronicle will run smoothly. So, every type of gamer can basically enjoy it. 

This game will be launching on Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5 and it is said that they are also working on making this compatible on PC via Steam.

Gamers who will be buying the Digital Deluxe Edition will get certain exclusive in-game items. Some of these are Knight’s Sear weapon, Mystical Ring accessory, The DioField Chronicle soundtrack’s digital version, and Digital Artbook. Besides, the gamers who will be ordering The DioField Chronicle Standard Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition are both eligible for some bonus content. These even consist of Rhopasto Knife available in a limited edition color and also Recruit’s Bangle that you can use while playing the main game.

Can You Pre-Order The DioField Chronicle? Will There Be A Demo Game?

Yes, The DioField Chronicle is now officially available for pre-order. The gamers can order physical and digital copies as per their need. In the case of PlayStation and Xbox consoles, you can pre-order them through the Xbox Store and Steam. The physical pre-orders are open for Nintendo Switch but to get your digital pre-orders, you need to wait for some time.

As a matter of fact, The DioField Chronicle will release a demo game on 10th August that can help the gamers assess if they really want to purchase the game. It will be teasing the iconic moments that are planned for the beginning of the game.

In case you love what you are playing and want to proceed further with the game, the developers will allow you to save the progress. So, you can resume your game exactly from where you have left at the time of the launch of the full game.

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The DioField Chronicle Gameplay

Experience the magic of Real-Time Tactical Battle (RTTB) that will stimulate your strategic sense. The DioField Chronicle introduces a real-time battle system that has a highly intriguing storyline. Taiki and Isama Kamikokuryo have designed and done the concept art of this game. Besides, the music composition has been done by famous composers, Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell whom you may know from “Game of Thrones”.

The DioField

While entering the world of The DioField Chronicle, you will be introduced to a mixture of medieval and modern-day. The Kingdom of Alletain has been maintaining peace for almost 200 years under the reign of the Shaytham dynasty.  But with the sudden rise of warlike powers and unique modern magic, they are currently in dance.

Alletain is known for its miner Jade which is considered to be an essential ingredient needed for magic and sorcery. So, both the empire and the alliance highly rely on it. But when “Blue Fox”, who represents the darkest tragedies, tries to take control, players will try to defeat them. It is a story of a “war between a militant empire and a coalition of nations resisting the empire’s advances.”

The DioField Chronicle is going to make a new mark in the gaming industry. But how impactful will it be? Let us wait for the release!

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