Uvalde school shooting Incident Is Not Getting Properly Investigated , Police Officers Giving Slow Response

Arriving police officers are seen taking shelter and 77 minutes later storming the classrooms and engaging in a gunfight with the shooter. For the first time, police and federal agents from the United States have been shown responding to a May shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

On Tuesday, a video showed police hesitating for more than an hour before storming a classroom where a shooter massacred 19 students and two instructors were released.

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The Austin American-Statesman published a video of the 18-year-old gunman, Salvador Ramos, ramming his pickup vehicle into Robb Elementary School before opening fire with a semi-automatic weapon. For more than two minutes, gunshots may be heard.

Minutes afterward, a group of police officers can be seen approaching. At the end of a hallway that leads to the two classrooms that the gunman has set his sights on, they take shelter. After another 77 minutes, they attack the classrooms and start shooting at him.

Uvalde school shooting Incident Is Not Getting Properly Investigated , Police Officers Giving Slow Response
Uvalde school shooting Incident Is Not Getting Properly Investigated, Police Officers Giving Slow Response

The video shows a 911 call from a teacher yelling, “Get down! Get down!” Enter your rooms now! “Get out of your rooms! An accompanying comment explaining their choice to upload the footage was published by the publication, but they refused to divulge how they obtained it or how they obtained it.

Family and friends of the Uvalde slain in the Robb Elementary shooting have long called for an investigation into what transpired there, Editor Manny Garcia said in a statement. The massacre in Uvalde, Texas, was the latest in a succession of such tragedies that have reignited discussion about gun control and mental health in the United States.

Law enforcement officers in Uvalde, Texas, have taken a beating for their response to the rampage — in particular, for the length of time it took them to approach Ramos. Before entering the school, a Uvalde police officer could have shot Ramos, but he waited for approval from a supervisor before doing so, according to an investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Surveillance footage should be made public, according to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, and a legislative committee investigating the incident. On Tuesday, McLaughlin, speaking at a Uvalde City Council meeting, termed the newspaper’s decision to publish the video “wrong” and “chicken.”

He stated that the film was never planned to be released until the relatives of the victims had had a chance to see it and that it was intended to be modified. When the gunman entered the building, they didn’t need to see him or hear him firing. They’ve been through enough; they don’t need to go through it again.”

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Uvalde District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee has objected to the publication, according to the committee. Director Steven McCraw of the Texas Department of Public Safety stated he was “very disappointed” with the newspaper for publishing the footage. McCraw said that the murdered and wounded’s families should have been the first to view it.

After a preliminary report was released, Dustin Burrows indicated that the people of Uvalde, Texas, will be given the footage and results on Sunday and that they would be made public soon after.

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