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Bruce Willis Net Worth (Today Updated 2022): How Rich is The “Die Hard” Actor?

Bruce Willis Net Worth

Bruce Willis Net Worth

An icon in the entertainment industry, Bruce Willis is popularly known as an American actor, musician, and producer. Being among the high-paid actors of his time, Bruce Willis’ net worth is one of the highest in Hollywood. Even now, he earns over a million dollars from his films’ salaries which impacts Bruce Willis’ net worth.

Bruce played a major role in some of the cult classic movies that assured him an irreplaceable position in the industry. It has been years and still, Bruce Willis’ net worth interests the fans. 

Bruce Willis Early Life

Born in the small town of Idar-Oberstein that was originally in West Germany, Bruce Willis was born on 19th March 1995. Bruce’s father was recognized as an American serviceman whereas his mother was a bank teller. He grew up in New Jersey and later shifted to Penns Grove.

It has been a lot of struggle to attain Bruce Willis’ net worth. He primarily worked at a nuclear power plant and then was a driver to transport workers at a DuPont factory. Bruce was even a private investigator for quite some time before becoming an actor. 

 Willis enrolled at Montclair State University and he later left to become a full-time actor. He moved to New York City and had many unsuccessful auditions. 

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Bruce Willis’ Career

Bruce started by being an extra in “The Verdict” (1982). But then he shifted to Los Angeles from New York in 1984 where Bruce Willis’ net worth officially began.

He had major roles in shows such as “Miami Vice,” and “The Twilight Zone”. After auditioning, Bruce got the role of David Addison Jr. in the 1985 series, “Moonlighting”. He became an international star that not only increased Bruce Willis’ net worth but also made him an overnight sensation. Bruce even won an Emmy as well as a Golden Globe for his acting. It was the only success after that.

Willis was seen promoting Golden Wine Cooler of Seagram and he got over $7 million for two campaigns. The A-lister became a huge Hollywood star after playing the lead in John McClane’s “Die Hard”. He became an indispensable addition to the “Die Hard” franchise. 

Apart from Bruce Willis’ net worth growing from the hit film franchise, he voiced in the movie, “Look Who’s Talking”. Then he was in another legendary film, Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”. His other famous works were in films like “12 Monkeys,” “Sin City,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” “The Expendables 2,” “Unbreakable,” “Glass,” “Looper,” and more.

Another major win for Bruce Willis’ net worth and career was his film “The Sixth Sense”. You may also remember him for guest starring in popular series like “Friends”.

Bruce Willis’ Personal Life

Attaining Bruce Willis’ net worth was as easy as that of his personal life. In 1987, Bruce was officially married to actress Demi Moore.

Bruce Willis Personal Life

The couple was blessed with three beautiful daughters, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout. But after thirteen years, the couple divorced in 2000. He paid a lump sum of $90 million as a divorce settlement. In spite of all the differences, the former couple has a very friendly bond. When Bruce married model Emma Heming back in 2009, Demi attended the wedding.

Besides his successful acting career that made Bruce Willis’ net worth, he always followed his passion for creating music. Bruce had made over three rock albums.

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Bruce Willis’ Net Worth, Salary & Real Estate

Bruce is still amongst the richest actors in today’s industry. As a matter of fact, Bruce Willis’ net worth is $250 million. He has received some of the highest payments over the period. Here are some of the salaries that cumulatively make Bruce Willis’ net worth:

Bruce had many extraordinary properties as well. His $7 million 7,000-square foot penthouse that he shared with ex Demi Moore was in Central Park. He even owned a Beverly Hills Mansion in 2014 that he sold for $16.5 million. Bruce even listed property of 13,500 square-foot estates in Turks and Caicos spread over 7.4 acres.  

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