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Denise Richards Net Worth (Today Updated): Bio, Earnings, Salary, Relationships, And More

Denise Richards Net Worth

Denise Richards Net Worth

Denise Richards is a top name in the fashion industry. She is an American actress, fashion model, and even a reality star who has managed quite a luxurious lifestyle for herself. Denise Richards’ net worth started when she introduced herself as a model. She was in many films, and television series and was a pretty popular face during the 1990s.

Denise Richards’ net worth became noticeable after she was featured in “Starship Troopers,” “Wild Things,” and “The World Is Not Enough”. Richards was listed in the world’s “50 Sexiest Women” by Maxim magazine and got placed Number 9. But where is the celeb today and what is Denise Richards’ net worth after spending so many years in the limelight? 

Denise Richards’ Early Life

On 17th February 1971, Denise Richards was born to parents Joni and Irv Richards. Her mother gave her birth in Downers Grove, Illinois. The ambition to fulfill Denise Richards’ net worth began when the celeb was just 15.

The family relocated to Oceanside, California. Here, she did her high school graduation from El Camino High School. As soon as she was done studying, she became a model and travel through multiple cities like Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, and more. She was featured in several photoshoots and commercials.

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Denise Richards’ Career

Denise was a common face in some of the 90s films as well as TV shows. Some of the popular names are 1993’s “Loaded Weapon,” “Saved by the Bell,” “Doogie Howser,” “Married with Children,” “Beverly Hills, 90210,” and “Seinfeld”. 

Denise Richards’ net worth reached its top when she starred in 1997’s “Starship Troopers”. She got nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award. After that, Denise Richards’ net worth went on a steady rise as she was in “Wild Things” (1998), and1999’s Bond film, “The World is Not Enough.” Though she was in such high-budget films, she was known to be “the worst Bond girl of all time”. But still, her popularity and Denise Richards’ net worth were in no way affected. 

Her movie, “Drop Dead Gorgeous” became a cult classic. Later, Denise was a guest star in “Friends” where she played the role of Ross and Monica’s cousin. She continued making appearances and later was in NBC’s “Spin City” opposite Charlie Sheen for only four episodes. Denise also had appearances in movies like “Valentine,” “The Third Wheel,” “Scary Movie 3,” “Elvis Has Left the Building” and so many more to name.

In 2005, she was in “Sex, Love & Secrets”. She even competed in the TV series, “Dancing with the Stars”. For years, Denise continued with her acting career before joining “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in 2019. But then she left the show after a huge fight.

However, these are not the only reasons for Denise Richards’ net worth and career. Over the years, Denise was seen in several magazines such as Cosmo, GQ, Redbook, and Self. She was in commercials for Pepsi, The Flex Belt, CBme Beauty, and more.

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Denise Richards’ Personal Life

Richards had a very public and toxic relationship with ex-Charlie Sheen. The couple married in June 2002 and have two daughters. But when Denise was pregnant with her second child, she went on to file for divorce in 2005.

Denise Richards 

The relationship was such a mess that Denise claims Charlie threatened to kill her. After the divorce was finalized in November 2006, Denise wanted sole custody of their daughters. In 2009, she even had temporary custody of Sheen and her then-wife Brooke Mueller’s twin sons. A lot of Denise Richards’ net worth got engaged in her legal troubles with Charlie Sheen.

Richards chose to be a single parent and adopted a third daughter, after a long two-year adoption process. In December 2017, she had a relationship with Aaron Phypers and later the couple married in September 2018. Richards is also very much involved with charities and voices for animal welfare, supports AIDS Foundation, Feeding America, gay marriage, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and more.

Denise Richards’ Net Worth & Real Estate

Denise Richards’ net worth today is standing at $12 million. She keeps earning royalties from her previous projects. After her famous divorce from Charlie Sheen, she bought a $4.4 million home in the posh LA suburb of Hidden Hills. She even lived in a property in Malibu that was burned down during the LA fires.

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