Mary Austin Net Worth In 2022

Have you heard before about Mary Austin net worth? Mary Austin is a famous and well-known person from Britain. Mary Austin is famous for having been Freddie Mercury’s ex-girlfriend. Mercury was a famous British musician and songwriter who died in 1991. In the same way, Freddie called her the love of his life, and until Mercury’s death, the two were very close friends. Learn everything about Mary Austin net worth Bio, Age, Husband, Married, Height

Mary Austin BioGraphy

Mary Austin was born in the year of 1951. There is no information about the exact date and month she was born. She’s 64 years old. She was born and raised in Fulham, a part of London, United Kingdom.

Mary Austin Parents

Mary was born and raised in the Fulham neighborhood of London, UK. She was born into a family in the middle class. Her father was a wallpaper trimmer, and her mother worked as a housekeeper for a small business. They were both hard of hearing.

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Mary Austin Married

After she broke up with Freddie Mercury, Mary chose to move on with her love life. She started dating a painter named Piers Cameron. They had two children, Richard and Jaime, whose godfather was Freddie Mercury. After they broke up, she married a businessman named Nick Holford. After five years of marriage, they split up.

mary austin net worth
mary austin net worth

Mary Austin’s Children

Richard and Jaime are Austin’s children. We don’t know much about the two children. Mary liked to keep her personal life private, even though she dated one of the most famous musicians. She doesn’t say anything about herself that is private. If anything new comes up about her sons, it will be changed.

Mary Austin Personal Life

When Freddie Mercury met Mary, she was 19 and worked at a clothing store. At the time, Freddie was 24. When they were young and in love, the two couldn’t have known what the future held for them as lovers and as friends.

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Mary Austin Net Worth

What is Mary Austin net worth? Mary Austin has spent most of her life as a housewife. People say that Mary Austins net worth is between $115 and $150 million. The money she has comes mostly from what Freddie left her. She has also been getting 50 percent of his royalties. Even though the number could have gone up to 75% after Mercury’s parents died.

Mary Austin says she is thankful to Freddie for giving her and her sons a safe future, but she also says that the money is a bit of a burden. Because of this, she keeps to herself and rarely leaves her mansion.

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