What is Bluetooth LE Audio? Know Specs and How It Is Useful

When it comes to Bluetooth LE Audio, an umbrella name for a set of new features for Bluetooth devices, the Bluetooth Standards Body recently announced the completion of this new feature set.

Power and sound quality might both increase as a result of the new standards, as well as a new feature that would allow us to connect a “infinite” number of gadgets to a single source of power.

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Bluetooth LE Audio

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Bluetooth LE Audio’s development was postponed. Although it has finally come to an end, manufacturers can now begin incorporating the requirements into their newer products. By the end of the year, we may expect to see compatible gadgets on the market.

What is Bluetooth LE Audio? Know Specs and How It Is Useful
What is Bluetooth LE Audio? Know Specs and How It Is Useful

Bluetooth LE Audio Features

The LC3 codec, which is meant to be a more efficient way to transfer music, is one of the many components that make up Bluetooth LE Audio; nevertheless, it is also one of the most intriguing components. Under these conditions, we should hear an improvement in audio quality despite maintaining the same bit rate, or we should hear an improvement in audio quality despite using less than half the bit rate. This might simultaneously cut down on power use while also extending the life of the battery.

Because it enables users to connect several audio devices to a single source, the ‘Auracast’ function is one feature that has the potential to alter the gameplay experience fundamentally. You can connect many sets of headphones to a single smartphone, or you may couple more than one set of headphones with a laptop. Users had various options available to them while searching for audio sources. They could scan a QR code, tap an NFC-enabled surface, or connect in the same manner as they would to a Wi-Fi network.

This capability was already included in earlier smartphone models; for instance, Samsung’s Dual Audio, which enables two audio devices to listen to the same audio feed, was one example. On the other hand, it is possible that it may soon be included in further gadgets.

There will also be support for hearing aids that use Bluetooth technology. The ability to change the settings of a hearing aid from a linked device will be one of the benefits offered by Bluetooth LE. Other capabilities, such as power saving and customization, will also be available.

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The last question that has to be answered is whether or not it will be incorporated into devices that are already in use. Although it’s conceivable that future upgrades to existing devices may make it easy to add support for Bluetooth LE Audio, most customers will probably need to upgrade their hardware.

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