Drake Has Not Been Arrested In Sweden (Breaking News)

Drake hasn’t been arrested in Sweden, despite the crazy rumors that started to spread today on social media.

Drake has not been arrested in Sweden, despite what social media users have been saying today. The rumors said that Drake and his security team were arrested by police late on Thursday, July 14th, while they were at a Swedish nightclub.

According to these rumors that have not been confirmed, Drake was arrested on marijuana charges.

Drake is in the Nordic country, and a video of his private plane landing in Sweden was posted online earlier this week. However, the story that he did something wrong has been proven to be false.

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Phil Lewis, who is in charge of the front page at Huffington Post, shot down the rumors on Twitter. “Just so you know, I talked to Swedish police and they said Drake is not in their custody right now. “(That’s all they would tell me),” he wrote.

Then he said that Drake’s team had given him an update: “Drake is at his hotel and has not been arrested.”

In the comments, fans were quick to say how happy they were. “Hooray,” one person wrote. Someone else told Lewis, “Thanks, bro.” “Thank God,” journalist La’Tasha Givens wrote. A lot of other people said that they were going to Sweden to help the rapper.

Before it was proven that the rumor was false, many people had a lot of fun making fun of the rapper. The best response might have been from the person who posted a picture of Fake Drake and told Swedish police that this was the man they really wanted.

Drake is in Sweden, but no one knows why. We’ll let you know if there are any more changes.

It’s not the only totally false rumor that’s been going around online this week. A fake but popular meme says that Ryan Gosling once said that people who make memes are “losers and virgins.” Even though it was clear that the quote was made up, the internet had a lot of fun with the idea anyway.

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