Meow Wolf Co-Founder Matt King Has Died? What Is Matt King Cause Of Death?

SFR has learned about the tragic events in Santa Fe. In a tragic accident, Matt King, a co-founder of Meow Wolf and its senior creative director, died over the weekend.

In addition to the popular Wiggy’s Plasma Plex video arcade and Fancy Town, also known as the live music venue, within Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return, King was either a lead or collaborating artist in more than two dozen Meow Wolf productions.

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On his Meow Wolf artist profile page, you’ll see an astounding amount of additional projects he’s been involved in since joining the organization in 2008.

Former Meow Wolf CEO and King’s buddy Vince Kadlubek tells SFR that “I would say Matt’s spirit propelled Meow Wolf, it inspired us to achieve more than what we believed possible, and that’s from the moment we first met all the way to where we are now,” he adds. Love and excitement—that we might do more, be greater artists—were always his motivators for me and everyone around him.”

Kadlubek claims that King attended the inaugural Meow Wolf planning meeting in 2008, as well as the firm’s early immersive installations and dance parties at the shabby old warehouse on Hopewell Street, where the business was founded. One time, Kadlubek reminisces, King worked three jobs in order to keep the rent paid during a time when the community was scarce.

Meow Wolf Co-Founder Matt King Has Died? What Is Matt King Cause Of Death?
Meow Wolf Co-Founder Matt King Has Died? What Is Matt King Cause Of Death?

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, House of Eternal Return in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Omega Mart, and Convergence Station in Denver were all opened by King in 2016. He claims that King’s vision was responsible for the Cathedral chamber and Gremlin Symphony, as well as a number of other initiatives.

“Matt was driven like a pure force, and he was also prepared to undertake whatever work that would enable for artistic expression to happen—his own and others,” Meow Wolf co-founder Sean Di Ianni adds.

As a true artist, he was also a great friend to me. We began our association as an artist’s friendship, but it evolved into a much deeper relationship.” No work was too little or enormous for Matt if he believed it would help him express his own creative vision; if Matt wasn’t stapling a mattress to the ceiling, it was a mattress.

He was a born leader who was loyal to himself and compassionate to everyone around him. “It makes me thankful to have Matt in my life,” I said. In an interview with SFR, Meow Wolfer and singer Cole Bee Wilson express their admiration for King for his generosity and dedication to art.

A Meow Wolf event in which Wilson’s band, Apple Miner Colony, performed is when the two of them first met, according to Wilson.

As soon as I finished my performance artwork, a stranger rushed up to me, threw his arms around me, and imprinted himself with the wet art-ness of my shirt. I couldn’t believe it.” Matt King was the man in question.”

An official statement from the Meow Wolf Workers Collective union, which represents workers in Santa Fe, states, in part: “Matt was a tremendous talent. MILLIONS have been influenced by his work and will continue to be.” When asked about the impact Matt has had on the community, Meow Wolf CEO Jose Tolosa said: “There are many who have been emotionally impacted by the creative genius of his work.”

You may also find out more about a person by looking into their neighborhood. Dozens of Santa Fe artists, friends, coworkers, supporters, and hangers-on have taken to social media in recent days to express their grief over King’s murder to a level that has seldom been witnessed in our little city.

After much thought, Wilson concludes that “everyone has hit the nail on the head with everything that they’ve been saying about Matt being this wonderful, electrifying, magnificent rainbow wizard,” and he intends to write a blog post on the subject. “It’s all true. What about you? “He was one of my best friends.”

Matt king cause for death has not been released. At 5 p.m. on Friday, July 15, Meow Wolf will host a gathering and homage to Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of his life and legacy. Free. 463 Paseo de Peralta, (505) 982-4414). Free of charge.

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Matt was a force of nature, a stunning individual, and a beloved son, brother, and friend. A place for people to leave their thoughts, pictures, tales and offerings for Matt’s altar will be provided. Parking will be accessible at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center or on the street, according to the statement, and black or formal wear is not necessary.

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