Armie Hammer Net Worth (Today Updated): Wiki, Career, Relationship, Earning & More

Armie Hammer became a famous American actor with his iconic role as the identical Winklevoss twins in “The Social Network” (2010). The actor’s first role was with the iconic Emmy-winning FOX sitcom “Arrested Development”. Armie Hammer’s net worth basically came from his iconic roles and multiple guest starring opportunities.

He guest-starred on several shows like “Veronica Mars” (2006), “Desperate Housewives” (2007), and even “Billy: The Early Years” (2008) contributed to Armie Hammer’s net worth. But where is the star now, how much is Armie Hammer’s net worth, and is he really broke? 

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Armie Hammer’s Early Life

Armie Douglas Hammer was born on 28th August 1986 in Santa Monica, California. His parents, Dru Ann, were loan officers working in a bank, whereas his father, Michael, owned multiple businesses like Armand Hammer Productions, Knoedler Publishing, and many more. He also has a brother named Viktor, and the family relocated to the Cayman Islands. Armie Hammer’s net worth was not that high, but he did pretty well compared to others.

The family moved back to Los Angeles again, and Armie went to Faulkner’s Academy and Grace Christian Academy. Interestingly, his father is the founder of Grace Christian Academy. Later he went to Los Angeles Baptist High School but soon left the school to start his acting career. But the star still managed to enroll in courses at UCLA and Pasadena City College. When he quit school, his parents chose to disown him as he took another career option.

But eventually, they came to terms with his aspirations. Armie Hammer’s net worth was never an issue as actress and singer Olga Vadimovna Vadina was his great grandmother. His paternal great-grandfather was the famous oil tycoon Armand Hammer. Today, Armie Hammer’s net worth is nothing compared to his grandfather, whose business, “Occidental Petroleum” makes almost $10 billion yearly.

Armie Hammer’s Career

Starting his acting career with “Flicka” (2006), he was soon introduced to the legendary character of Batman/ Bruce Wayne in the George Miller film “Justice League: Mortal”. Sadly, this wasn’t a notable inclusion of Armie Hammer’s net worth or career since that film got canceled. Still, he did get the best opportunities.

Armie Hammer net worth
Armie Hammer net worth

He was in “Blackout” and “Billy: The Early Years,” which won him the Grace Award nomination for Most Inspiring Performance in Movie or Television. The actor was also a guest star for hit shows like “Reaper,” “Gossip Girl,” “Spring Breakdown” and more. 

Hammer launched his movie career with “The Social Network,” and that became a massive hit. He kept featuring in top-grade films like that of “J. Edgar,” “Mirror Mirror,” voiced for films like “The Polar Bears,” “The Simpsons”.  He even played the lead for “The Lone Ranger” and voiced for the same in the Disney Infinity video game series. It was just a success and Armie Hammer’s net worth was getting revamped every time. Films like “Free Fire,” “Mine,” “Nocturnal Animals,” “Death on the Nile,” “Rebecca,” and even “Call Me by Your Name” are some of the greatest creations he has ever done.

Armie Hammer’s Personal Life

Armie Hammer’s net worth may have remained constant, but his personal life is a turmoil. After dating Elizabeth Chambers for two years, the couple got hitched on 22nd May 2010. They had a daughter named harper on 1st December 2014 and then a son on 15th January 2017. The couple later opened a bakery named “Hammer and Chambers” that expanded to different locations. But in July 2020, the couple decided to separate.

Though this is not the reason for their divorce, Armie is claimed to be weird. He “subjected several women” and was accused of making implications of rape and cannibalism.

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Is Armie Hammer Broke?

As of the reports of July 2022, it is heard that Armie Hammer is now a concierge/ timeshare salesperson. He is working in the Cayman Islands. Initially, we denied it at the beginning but later confirmed it to be him. It is surprising since fans wonder where Armie Hammer net worth has vanished? Reports claim that Cayman can actually be broken after spending all these years in Hollywood.

Armie Hammer’s Net worth

According to sources, Armie Hammer’s net worth is now only $100 thousand. Previously, he used to enjoy a huge net worth of $10 million, but all of that is supposedly gone.

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