As Dusk Falls Release Date, Time, Trailer, And Gameplay

With the Summer Game Fest 2022, gamers had detailed insight about the games that didn’t give any updates. Unlike the previous years, the fest mainly focused on hinting about the latest developments yet to be announced.  And As Dusk Falls was no exception. Of course, fresh reveals were there, but fans were also updated with details about games that will be released.

The biggest reveal was of the Indie Project, As Dusk Falls coming from the creators of “Heavy Rain” and “As Dusk Falls”. Guess what? The release date of As Dusk Falls, trailer, and more information are available. So, let us just start finding out everything.

As Dusk Falls Release Date & Time

The creators hinted about the development of As Dusk Falls in July 2020. The indie studio INTERIOR/NIGHT is working on this project thoroughly to make it a huge success. The studio stated that they are looking forward to using the magic of cinema and incorporating it with gaming. The studio mentioned, “Our games are designed to appeal to a broad audience that wants to engage emotionally and learn more about themselves in the process.” Thus anyone looking forward to indulging in a thought-provoking and immersive experience can choose this. 

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Coming back to the release date, As Dusk Falls is slated to drop on 19th July 2022. Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 confirmed the official release date, and it is pretty sooner than anticipated. Considering the fact that the release is coming in just a week after Summer Game Fest, the audiences are thrilled to discover more of it. You can get your hands on this new-age game that had been anticipated for so long.

Now, As Dusk Falls will be released at 9:00 PT, 12:00 ET, and 17:00 BST for PC users, the game is available for pre-ordering on Steam for only 24.99 pounds.

On Which Platforms Will As Dusk Falls Be Available?

Sources claim As Dusk Falls will be running on platforms like Xbox, Xbox Games Pass, and even PC via Steam. So, you can have the best experience with this.

As Dusk Falls Trailer

The creators have given two trailers to the audience. The first was an announcement trailer released in 2020, whereas the next was available at Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022.

First, let’s analyze the announcement trailer of As Dusk Falls. The audience could see a mom, dad, and a young girl riding a red car when the child is speaking about starting their new life. On the other hand, we see a boy and his family picking up a bag of cash and narrating his life breaking apart in the summer.

Then in the transition seen, the audiences come across a robbery scene in which the family riding the blue car robbed the family in the red. Police sirens were heard, and after scenes full of crime, the girl from the red car reappears to confront the boy. They both have grown up, and the girl reads out letters that put the boy in shock.

Fast forward to the launch date trailer, we must mention that both the trailers have the same themes. You can spot the Two Rock County, Arizona sign in the opening scene. There are several pieces of footage of gameplay, and numerous characters are present. Of course, the girl and boy from the initial launch will return. In the present scenario, the now grown-up girl is chasing someone. But who is that person? The As Dusk Falls trailer concludes with “Every family has secrets, every secret has a price,” which overlays the clue-laden graphic.

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As Dusk Falls Gameplay

Xbox Wire and the “About” page of the studio have shared the gameplay of As Dusk Falls Gameplay. The game will stretch in a 30-year time frame, starting in 1998. And it will be “split into two books”. The families you saw in the trailer are also talked about. The family riding the red car are the Walkers, whereas those in the blue cars are the Holts.

As Dusk Falls Gameplay
As Dusk Falls Gameplay

Next, there are three main characters in As Dusk Falls Gameplay. These are Zoe Walker, Jay Holt, and also Zoe’s loving father, Vince Walker. You can play it both in solo and multiplayer modes. A total of 8 people can play together. Also, there are options to choose from online and offline. It combines storytelling, high-end game design, choice-based nature, and real-like experiences. As a whole, As Dusk Falls is worth playing.

After reading all these, are you interested in buying As Dusk Falls? Drop your comment below.

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