JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean’ Part 2 Release Date Scheduled For September 2022

Fans were concerned if JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 would ever be released or not. In December 2021, the first episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 impressed the audiences with its 12 episodes. After waiting for quite a long time, news about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 is finally out, which is quite a relief. JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 seems to resume from episode 13, and you will be getting brand new episodes of this highly-anticipated series. So, we have compiled all the details about JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 that sources have claimed.

The Release Date of JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2

We have the answer that you have been looking for everywhere. The Anime Expo 2022 brought in a lot of surprises for anime fans. Much information about your favorite shows, such as My Hero Academia and Bleach, has been out. Joining the list was also JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2, and the JoJo fans were in for a surprise that they could never have imagined. When the event was running at its pace, the fans were suddenly hit with the release of the upcoming JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2.

JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2
JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2

That’s big news considering that fans had no clue if the creators had some other plans. To announce the final date, JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part 6 is officially going to release on 1st September 2022. The creators understood how bad fans were craving to have the best of JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2. So, you do not have to wait even for a year as the trailer of JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 has already been released.

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JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 Trailer: Here Are The Main Highlights

Soon after the announcement at Anime Expo, Netflix released a trailer for the public. The 2.05 minutes long trailer is far beyond your expectations. Once you start watching the trailer of JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2, you will be immediately transported to a world full of suspense, thrill, and a whole lot of action. For most of the part, the audience will see Jolyne going with his mission to “strike back at Enrico Pucci”. As a result, Jolyne chose to get punished by being sent to the Punishment Ward intentionally. Besides, audiences are in for seeing some fights “over Dio’s bone”.

On the other hand, you can see Narciso Anasui giving a marriage proposal. Without a doubt, Jolyne has a lot to do in the many different episodes of the JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2. The season is packed with all the thrills you can expect.

How Many Episodes Are There in JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2?

The previous season raised the bars for JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2. Fans are looking forward to having a total blast. As far as episodes are concerned, JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 will consist of another 12 episodes. The episode list is from 13 to 24, and you can exclusively watch this on Netflix.

Some fans demanded that JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 must come out with a weekly release. However, it seems like Netflix has not considered these requirements. They are following the previous pattern and will drop all 12 chapters on the same day as its premiere. This might be disappointing for some fans, but hopefully, the plotline of JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 will make up for it

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But will there be a season 3? Whether JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 will conclude the story or not has been in the mind of the fans. Now, if you consider the manga, it has 138 chapters to date, and according to Anime Geek, Part 1 of this series focused on the first 50 chapters. They were the previous two seasons, and both were based on 39 chapters each. JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 will be based on the remaining chapters, and the questions regarding season 3 are still confusing. 

Whatever it is, for now, enjoy the JoJo Stone Ocean Part 2 and make the fullest of the situation.

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