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Frank Grillo Net Worth 2022 (Today Updated): Wiki, Age, Family, Biography, And More

frank grillo net worth

frank grillo net worth

Frank Grillo is the Hollywood industry-leading actor whom you might know from some of the top series and films. The star has also been a part of some of the iconic films that raised Frank Grillo’s net worth to a whole new level. He is quite a prestigious name in the industry and Frank Grillo’s net worth keeps evolving due to his unmatched contribution to the industry.

After all these years in the limelight, the celeb still maintains quite a private life. Here we have listed Frank Grillo’s net worth in 2022 and more about his personal and professional life.

Frank Grillo’s Early Life

On 8th June 1963, Frank Grillo was born in the city of New York. He is the elder brother of his two siblings. As a child, he always wanted to be an actor. Besides that, he was known to be a star athlete and even wanted to launch his professional career in sports. As Frank Grillo’s net worth was stable, his parents wanted him to complete his graduation first and then he went on to attain his degree in business from New York University. Before making his big break in the Hollywood industry, Frank worked relentlessly on Wall Street.

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Frank Grillo’s Career

When Frank met a casting director, it changed the career path of his life. His first break was in a beer commercial for the popular brand Miller Genuine Draft. This kickstarted his launch in the industry, and Grillo was seen in as many as 25 commercials before winning the ultimate role in the daytime soap opera “The Guiding Light” (1996-1999). Frank Grillo’s net worth was directed to a perfect start with this. Grillo was known to be an all-rounder. He had acting skills and knew martial arts such as wrestling, boxing, and even Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 

After doing the series, Frank Grillo’s net worth had a new chapter in life with his acting debut in the film, Mambo Kings (1992). Though it was not always successful since Frank didn’t initially have the success he deserved. But eventually, he got to that high standard in the industry that he was always aiming to achieve.

Then he was seen in pilots like “Fiona,” “Legacy,” “Wastleland,” “For the People,” and “Battery Park”. It was a years-long struggle before getting significant roles in films. Furthermore, he was in multiple episodes of “The Shield,” and “Blind Justice”. Simultaneously, he was doing films before landing movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and films such as “Zero Dark Thirty” and “The Gray”.

Some of the most prominent hits of his career were “The Winter Soldier” (2014), “Warrior” (2011), “End of Watch” (2012), “The Grey” (2012), and finally the best of all, “The Purge: Anarchy” (2014). Frank Grillo’s net worth had significant progress after that. Also, he was seen in as many as 40 episodes of “Kingdom.” He was also the producer of “Wheelman” and “Point Break”.

Frank Grillo’s Age, Height & Weight

Frank Grillo is quite the handsome man of the industry. In 2022, he turned 56 years old and still maintains his physique. The handsome hunk weighs 79 kgs and has a height of 1.79 meters.

Frank Grillo Personal Life

Frank Grillo’s Personal Life

After finding happiness in his professional life, Frank married his first wife in 1991 and divorced in 1998. The couple had a son, but soon, he got hitched to actress Wendy Moniz in the year 2000. They did have a great life together before the couple announced separation in 2020. The former husband and wife have two children as well. Frank Grillo’s net worth will be divided amongst his children.

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Frank Grillo’s Net Worth, Real Estate & Cars

Frank Grillo’s net worth is $6 million, and he has a luxurious lifestyle. The star has a pretty large number of properties all over America. He resides in a gorgeous ocean view house in the Pacific Palisades and has properties in New York and California. 

Besides, with Frank Grillo’s net worth, he expanded his car collection. Being a fan of high-end cars, he has top models of Range Rover, Aston Martin, Ferrari, and more. He loves to own luxurious cars.

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