Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date Set For Summer 2022

The family of Queen Sugar may have eventually become a part of your life. But with Queen Sugar Season 7, the Bordelon family’s journey will conclude. It might not feel like ages apart, but Queen Sugar Season 7 is the final season.

They united to look after the family farm, but many things have happened since then. Sadly, this year is the final one for Queen Sugar Season 7 if the creators do not have any other plan. So when will the Queen Sugar Season 7 series hit your screens? We have the update that you must be seeking answers for.

When Will Queen Sugar Season 7 Be Released?

Season six of this hit series ended in November 2021. The specialty of this show is that it consists of all-female directors. Besides, it taps into the crucial topics that are still existing in the world today. Some topics are racism, the Covid-19 outbreak, and many other current world scenarios that are discussed throughout the show.

But when the creators announced Queen Sugar Season 7 was the last of this series, many fans were left in dismay. The show has received 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, which clearly states how big of a success this is. On November 17th, 2021, the official Twitter handle of Queen Sugar announced that the Queen Sugar Season 7 would drop in Summer 2022. On the other hand, it also confirmed that this is going to be the final season.

It tweeted, “Take flight one last time. #QUEENSUGAR Season 7, the final season — coming Summer 2022.” The production of Queen Sugar Season 7 has begun, and it’s time to watch it on your screens. 

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The creator of the show, Ava DuVernay stated, “Queen Sugar has been an incredible seven seasons for me and my co-producer Paul Garnes. OWN and Warner Bros. Television.” 

But the creators have not stated the final date of release of Queen Sugar Season 7. Hopefully, it will be sooner than what you have been anticipating.

The Plot of Queen Sugar Season 7

In this modern world, it is still hard to show an entirely black family living their lives through the series. But still, the show managed to bag success. Queen Sugar Season 7. The queen of the show, director Ava DuVernay will be again directing the show for the final season. Season 7 will be set in Louisiana, just like the other seasons. You will be seeing them supervising their sugarcane farm. 

Moreover, Queen Sugar Season 7 will highlight that despite generational wealth and exposure, they are still subjected to racism just because they are black. It will rightfully depict the struggles of being a part of the Black community, how the family faces police brutality, sexism, and much more. But to stay true to the theme of the series, Queen Sugar Season 7 always puts the importance of love and family.

If you can recall, when season 6 ended, Darla went into labor and had her second child. On the other hand, the family was busy unfolding the truths of a ploy their long nemesis had planted against them. In Queen Sugar Season 7, we can hopefully see the rekindled romance between Charley and Davis. Ralph Angel and Darla will be settling with their family, and Micah will be on the verge of exploring her sexuality.

Even Aunt Vi and Hollywood are always doing their best to keep the family bonded. Queen Sugar Season 7 will be no different. The exact plot is yet to be discovered, but we know it will be another fantastic season.

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Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast

Not a single of the main cast will be left behind. Everyone you have connected with over the years will be seen in Queen Sugar Season 7. Here is the list of Queen Sugar Season 7 cast whom you will see in the final season.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast
Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast
  • Omar J. Oliver (Hollywood Desonier)
  • Rutina Wesley (Nova Bordelon)
  • Tina Lifford (Violet Bordelon)
  • Darla (Bianca Lawson)
  • Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford)
  • Dawn-Lyen Gardner (Charlotte “Charley” Bordelon West)
  • Nicholas L. Ashe (Micah West)
  • Bianca Lawson (Darla Sutton)
  • Pargament Kyle Durrett star (Davis West)
  • Henry G. Rhodes (Prosper Denton)

Queen Sugar Season 7 may be the last, but the memories created will be cherished forever. So, for one last time, do not miss watching Queen Sugar Season 7.

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