Lightweight ‘Camera Go’ App Renamed To ‘Camera From Google’

We first noted that Google removed the “Go” from “Gallery Go” in the month of May. At the same time, the app is formerly known as “Camera Go” was secretly rebranded as “Camera from Google” as the business works to get rid of its older branding.

Midway through the month of May, Google launched version 3.3 (up from version 2.12) of their lightweight Camera program designed for Android phones with reduced processing power. The user interface has been simplified, and a counter shows the number of more images that may be taken with the space that is still available.

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With this update, the application’s name was changed from “Camera Go” to just “Camera,” and it received a new icon that is nearly identical (but uses a different color palette) to the one that appears on Pixel smartphones.

Lightweight ‘Camera Go’ App Renamed To ‘Camera From Google’
Lightweight ‘Camera Go’ App Renamed To ‘Camera From Google’

It should be noted that the listing in the Play Store has been renamed to “Camera from Google.” There are a few of these, and one may assume that they were captured with “Google Camera.” The Google Camera app enables you to take stunning pictures in a short amount of time.

• Use the Portrait Mode to give your photographs an air of professionalism by concentrating the camera’s attention on the subject of the shot while blurring the backdrop.

• Using Night Mode, you may take pictures at any time of day without having to use the flash, while still maintaining vivid colors and clear details (available on select devices).

• Using intelligent storage features and timely warning messages, the Camera ensures that you will never miss an important moment by assisting you in reclaiming storage space for your images just when you require it.

Simply aiming your camera lens at the foreign text and using Google Lens, which is integrated into the Camera app, will allow you to see the world in your native language.
It is quite evident that a transition is now under place, given that Camera and Gallery have abandoned the “Go” moniker, and YouTube Go will be discontinued next month.

The announcement of Android 12 (Go edition), which is the official name, took place in December, and it includes significant enhancements. If Google stays dedicated to the platform, the next version should be released before the end of the year at the latest.

At this moment, it is not quite obvious whether the corporation is just upgrading its branding or is pursuing a new approach in order to achieve the Next Billion Users.

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There is also a JioPhone Next that was “Created with Google” that runs an Android/Pragati operating system. It is possible to make a case for extremely inexpensive hardware to suit the various demands of the market as well as a lightweight operating system to match the hardware.

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