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Alicia Silverstone Net Worth (Updated Today): Wiki, Income, Career, Lifestyle & More

Alicia Silverstone Net Worth

Alicia Silverstone Net Worth

A well-known American actress in the industry, Alicia Silverstone’s net worth is due to her multiple career options. She is a producer, activist, author, and talented actress. Starting early off in her life, Alicia Silverstone’s net worth was launched when she was young. She was in modeling as a profession, commercials, and much more. She got a small role and did appear first in “The Wonder Years”.

But her big screen debut happened with the film “The Crush”. Alicia Silverstone’s net worth and fame came when she was in three music videos for the popular rock band, Aerosmith. Now after years, Alicia Silverstone’s net worth has grown, or is it still the same?

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Alicia Silverstone’s Early Life

Born on 4th October 1976, Alicia Silverstone is originally from San Francisco, California. Alicia’s mother was a former flight attendant whereas her father was a successful real estate agent. She was raised Jewish and began modeling when she was just 6. The rise of Alicia Silverstone’s net worth was her own personal journey and she was in many TV commercials like that of Domino’s Pizza. She never left her school and studied at Crocker Middle School as well as San Mateo High School. 

Alicia Silverstone’s Career

Alicia Silverstone’s net worth was only getting better. When she started with ABC’s “The Wonder Years,” she never imagined that her film “The Crush” (1993) would make such an impact on her career. A number of TV movies came along her way such as “Torch Song” (1993), “Cool and the Crazy” (1994), “Amazing” (1993), and more. But in 1995, she was in four major films namely “Le Nouveau Monde,” “Hideaway,” “The Babysitter,” and the hit amongst all, “Clueless”.

This bagged her a multi-picture deal that elevated Alicia Silverstone’s net worth. It was will Columbia-TriStar’s production company, “First Kiss Production”. Then in the film “Silverstone,” she acted opposite George Clooney. She was also in “Batman & Robin” before starring in “Excess Baggage”. She dived into the role of voice acting in animated series like “Braceface”. 

Alicia’s career was never limited. She even tried her luck in the Broadway production of “The Graduate”. Later she was in NBC’s “Miss Match,” “Scooby-Doo 2: Monster Unleashed,” “Beautyshop,” and even did a cameo of herself for “Tropic Thunder”. Alicia Silverstone’s net worth and her career continued on Broadway as she did “Speed-the-Plow” (2007) and “Boston Marriage” (2007) and Donald Marguiles’ and “Time Stands Still” (2009–2010).

The talented star was always the top choice of the industry. She continued with her career and her last well-known series was Netflix’s “The Baby-Sitters Club” and also voiced Queen Marlena in “Masters of the Universe: Revelation”.


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Alicia Silverstone’s Personal Life

Alicia met Christopher Jarecki in a movie theater eight years back. On 11th June 2005, the couple finally married. They had a son named Bear on 5th May 2011. Eventually, the couple divorced in 2018 and Silverstone had to pay $12,000 spousal support per month to her ex-husband, Jarecki. They do have joint physical custody of their son.

Alicia Silverstone Personal Life

Alicia is also very vocal about veganism and turned vegan in 1998. She was known to be PETA’s Sexiest Female Vegetarian in 2004. Alicia Silverstone’s net worth does motivate her to help people and even pets. For PETA, she posed for nude photos to support vegetarianism and anti-wool advertisements. She also has strong views on the vaccine.

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Alicia Silverstone’s Net Worth & Real Estate

Alicia Silverstone’s net worth currently has a huge net worth of $20 million. It is all because of her diverse work life. With Alicia Silverstone’s net worth, she bought a $597,000 home in Los Angeles in 1996. As she believes in vegetarianism, her home is eco-friendly. She has an organic vegetable garden, solar panel, and everything nature-friendly.

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