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Who is Tom Schwartz Dating? Know About His Relationship Timeline

Tom Schwartz dating

Tom Schwartz dating

You may know Tim Schwartz and Katie Maloney from their debut in “Vanderpump Rules” in 2013. The couple has always been open about the relationship and the audiences adored how the couple was so in love with each other. Tom Schwartz’s dating life only revolved around Katie.

In fact, the couple knew each other for two years before Tom Schwartz’s dating history was fully documented on “Vanderpump Rules”. Initially, it started with Tom Schwartz’ dating a different woman and attending an event with her when he was supposed to meet Maloney. Maloney said to The Daily Dish back in March 2017, “He had a girl with him, that was the funny part was that finally, I’m meeting this guy that supposedly wants to meet me, that’s so perfect for me, and he’s got a girl with him.”

 Tom Schwartz’s dating story with Maloney was never supposed to happen as the couple lacked the spark primarily but on the second night, it all changed.  Once Tom said in an interview, “The very first night there was no spark,” he added, “But the second night I was introduced to her and given a little backstory, that’s when it clicked.”

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When the couple started dating, they wanted to keep it casual but then they got dead serious about each other. Later we already know what went down between them. Tom Schwartz’s dating Maloney was one of the favorites of the show, “Vanderpump Rules”. In 2016, the couple married and as there were issues with the paperwork, the couple again remarried in 2019. However, there are some dark truths that the fans may not want to know about Tom Schwartz’s dating life. So, here is a timeline of Tom Schwartz’s dating life with Maloney:


Tom Schwartz’s dating Maloney wouldn’t have been a reality if their friend Kristen Doute didn’t set them up.


The couple’s love life was first shown on “Vanderpump Rules”. Tom Schwartz’s dating life had garnered a lot of attention after Tom went on to dump a drink on Maloney’s head. It happened when the couple had a cast trip.


Schwartz wasn’t in the main cast of the “Vanderpump Rules” until season 3. Tom Schwartz’s dating and love chemistry with Maloney became a prime focus of the show. Then there were a lot of controversies revolving around the couple’s personal life since it was heard that Schwartz was involved in infidelity. After the couple worked out their differences, they officially got engaged in season 4. In the same year, Tom Schwartz dating Maloney smoothly transitioned to becoming husband and wife. The wedding was shown in the “Vanderpump Rules”.

January 2018

The cheating allegations again came and Schwartz was accused of cheating on Maloney. It did after Maloney and she was mentally exhausted after that. The reality star did explain how it broke her trust as the couple had to go back and forth before finally committing to marriage. She never thought about getting to hear this all of a sudden.

June 2019

Apparently, the couple’s legal paperwork for their marriage was lost. So, they again tied the knot in a Las Vegas ceremony having only 8 cast members. Stassi Schroeder and Tom Sandoval were the ones to officiate their wedding.

February 2020

The couple were gushing about their relationship and claimed that the series of ups and downs in their relationship helped in the long run. They started to be happy and looked forward to a beautiful life together.

October 2021

In season 9 of Vanderpump Rules, the couple became candid about how they struggled during the period when Maloney had an abortion.  It happened during the first year of the couple’s dating.

January 2022

The New Year started with the couple wishing everyone a New Year. She posted a picture with her husband Schwartz.

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February 2022

Everything was going fine and the couple was also planning to have children together. Maloney captioned in a photo how much in love she is. Maloney also addressed the rumors regarding their relationship and Tom’s drug abuse.

March 2022

The couple took to their individual Instagram account to announce their separation. They filed for divorce soon after that. The couple’s date of separation was stated to be February 12 and the reason for the split was given as “irreconcilable differences”.

June 202

The couple left their home and went separate ways.

Though they appeared all in love in the series, the truth was that the couple were usually fighting behind the scenes.

Maloney said, “I just want to say, I feel like the misconceptions of our relationship is that we are like, Tom’s deeply unhappy and I’m a miserable shrew of a wife,” she said on a February 2021 episode of her podcast. “I mean, we don’t hide our fights. We have, you’ve seen on the show like pretty intense, horrific fights that, you know, suck. But, we’ve always been willing and able to like, live our relationship out loud. So you, you do seem like the worst of the worst, but that’s not like the constant daily for us.”

In fact, Tom felt the same. Now that Tom Schwartz’s dating is again under discussion, people are interested to know who he is dating. As of now, Tom is not dating anyone publicly. If any news comes up, we will inform you.

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