Elton John Says Farewell in MetLife Stadium Concert (Complete News)

Is Elton John retiring? The Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour apparently marks the end of the living legend, Elton John. The sold-out MetLife Stadium concert Saturday night show welcomed the icon with open arms. The first two hours were pretty nostalgic for him after taking a trip down his memory lane. Some of the oldest happy memories were shared such as Aretha Franklin covering the 1970’s “Border Song” soon after he released it. 

This is evident in the pages of history that Elton John has made music that touches one’s heart. Fans were teary-eyed when Elton John says “his last goodbyes” at the MetLife Stadium concert.

Elton John’s Last Tour

The MetLife Stadium concert was the “first of his two final local shows”. He brought out his piano and started playing the 1973 classic, “Bennie and the Jets”. The crowd was fully charged and the 75-year-old legend made the entire stadium feel the vibe on Saturday night. Creating fashion history forever, the singer was spotted wearing a glittery black-and-white ensemble and the musical prodigy was looking dapper as ever. His soul-touching voice and vigorous fingers made the fans relive the good old days that led to the creation of such a legacy.

Elton John Says Farewell in MetLife Stadium Concert
Elton John Says Farewell in MetLife Stadium Concert

To make all the moments iconic, John took five days’ rest before performing in his concerts held on the stadium tour. The show continued to Sunday night and the show was nothing but a huge success. The sweating and humidity couldn’t stop the icon from giving the best show of his life.

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The king of music went on to perform soulful numbers like “Philadelphia Freedom,” “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues,” “Tiny Dancer” and many other hits that kept the crowds hooked to his concert. 

Fans were lighting up the night sky by holding up their iPhones when Sir Elton was performing “Rocket Man”. John along with his band was then fully engrossed in jamming and playing an extended outro. He then performed the tender rendition of the iconic “Candle in the Wind”.

Fans were also reliving the memories that were associated with the song. Just before he started performing “Border Song,” he recalled the moment when Aretha Franklin totally hijacked his tune and transformed it into something of hers. He mentioned how Franklin had her last performance for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Thus, he decided to dedicate the entire song to the Queen of Soul.

All-in-all, it was a night that cannot be replaced with the upcoming chapters of John’s or the audience’s life.

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The Final Goodbye Before Retirement

The 75-year-old Elton John had over 60,000 fans desperately waiting to witness the magic of the icon. As a matter of fact, Elton mentioned previously how this tour started in 2018 and it kept extending. This tour has been continuing for years and in 2022, the Philadelphia show was held on July 15th. After this, he will be traveling to Australia and Europe in 2023 to continue his concerts even next July. This show is definitely a historical moment that no one can forget in the upcoming times.

In the middle of the show, he said, “I’ve had one hell of a ride, and you have been there,”. “You made it possible.”

He ended the concert by saying, “I want to spend the rest of my life with my family,” and “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “But I’ve had one helluva ride.”

This was a heartfelt moment that did strike the fans’ emotions. The mammoth of this farewell tour consisted of over 300 dates. His latest track was “Cold Heart” along with pop star Dua Lipa. After breaking the records yet again, Elton John will remain an irreplaceable king of this industry. The exact date of retirement hasn’t been announced but with over 5 years of this retirement tour, it is expected that Elton John will be retiring soon.

So, instead of just saying goodbye to his fans, Elton John is personally taking time out to thank the fans of all the countries close to his heart. Even after retirement, he will remain an icon and be forever etched in the hearts of his millions of fans! If you were lucky enough to witness the magic, your life has been made!

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