Westworld Season 4 Episode 5 Recap ‘Zhuangzi’ (Detailed)

Westworld season four was being filmed in New York City in October of 2021 when videos from the set started appearing on the video-sharing site TikTok. The first thing I saw from this season was cell phone footage of a bored-looking Tessa Thompson using three monochrome extras as a chair while others danced around her. Even yet, it didn’t prepare me for the sheer joy I felt when witnessing the moment play out in the fifth installment.

There’s one thing we can all agree on: life isn’t a dress rehearsal, as we were reminded in The Prom. In Charlotte Hale’s case, that doesn’t appear to be the case, as she employs a full block of New York City as her studio. Aside from making ice sculptures better, she also orders bloody-fingered piano players to pick up the pace and pedestrians to waltz in her honor. Thompson and Ed Harris are having so much fun that it’s difficult to focus on Hale and William’s conversation.

That being said, I was reminded when Harris’ voice opened the program that we have yet to learn the purpose of William the host. Besides serving Hale’s goal, what else does he have in his heart? Is he a person or a purpose in this world? William the man, whose psyche has been examined numerous times on Westworld, can we possibly learn from this version? As it turns out, the host, William, has the same concerns. He’s not sure what role he’s supposed to play either. Thinks exactly as he is told by Hale.

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To begin, he sits through an argument between a human couple about how society is a meritocracy and how their privilege is any different from that of a feudal or caste system. If it’s anything like the talk William had with Logan Delos’ family when he was still a human, it’s rude, affluent, and white. Nevertheless, it’s all an elaborate ruse. These people aren’t saying what they mean. They don’t even aware they’re performing from a script.

In this episode, we learn a great deal about New York City and other big cities in Hale’s universe. In a sense, they’re just parks for people who want to host. Scripted loops assigned by Olympiad Entertainment keep fly-goop mind-controlled humans alive. It’s a good idea for hosts to visit before they “transcend” and go somewhere. This “outlier” is chased for sport by hosts like William and others who happen to be in the city at the time of the breakout. Killing human beings, on the other hand, is discouraged.

Hope, a host played by Nicole Pacent, is infected, according to Hale, by the interaction she had with an outlier before she shot him in the head with a gunshot. Because he wants to die with one final piece of certainty, the man asks her if the flower he’s holding in his hand is real. As a result of this, Hope experiences an existential crisis, which culminates in her murderous rampage and eventual death. When William and Hale arrive, they notice that she is carrying the man’s flower in her palm, just like Ophelia.

William and Hale are still talking about taking over the world inside the tower of fear. In Hale’s opinion, the hosts are obsessed with human life. Art and philosophy are not being pursued by them, and they are not living up to their full potential. Isn’t she a wonderful mother? The invitation to leave the mortal world after a year or two and go to the Valley Beyond isn’t even being considered.

Hale’s strategy isn’t going as he had hoped. In addition, humans continue to transgress and become outliers. They constantly cause their hosts to commit suicide. An outlier shows up in William’s personal life. They are on a mission to find a woman who is either waiting to be evacuated or killed on a rooftop with the help of Jay and Stubbs.

There is a brief conversation between William and the woman before Jay shoots him and then helps her flee the city. Afraid that he, too, has been afflicted by the human disease that causes them to lose control of their victims and makes them wish to die, William seeks guidance from the human William.

‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 5 Recap Zhuangzi
‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 5 Recap Zhuangzi

Christina, meanwhile, has just awoken from her first date with Teddy, a mysterious man we’ve decided to call. Her first task is to finish the history of Westworld character Dolores Abernathy, which she’s been working on since the first episode. When Teddy phones, he tells her to take a day off work. When they meet, she is encouraged to see the tower that dominates the city, as well as her own role in making it, on the pier. It doesn’t take much for her to change someone’s mood.

Christina is going out to lunch with her college classmate Charlotte Hale, so she says goodbye to Teddy and heads that way. Even though we know Hale to be a chaotic and listless god bot, she appears to be genuinely happy and flirty as Christina’s best friend. Hale doesn’t mention Christina to William, so it’s not clear what she knows or if she’s concerned about Christina’s actions. Later, Hale’s supervisor seems to hint that Hale is only suspicious and doesn’t know that Christina has been behaving erratically.

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Hale built Christina as an experiment to explore if her own code might be used by other people to create excellent art. She entrusted Maya with the duty of assisting Christina in her search for love because all artists require motivation and encouragement. In Hale’s reality, Christina may have a secondary role as a writer of human history, but there has to be a reason she bears so many resemblances to Dolores.

This seems to be the result of Hale’s own version of Dolores herself compartmentalizing her artistic side and putting it all in Christina. Or, hey, maybe Hale was looking for someone to hang out with.

When Christina returned to the office to begin researching her narratives, I thought it was a touch impolite that she failed to hunt up her roommate Maya. In light of the recent nightmares, Maya has been having It’d be nice to know if your best friend is a fictional character. Having said all of that, she didn’t even look up to Teddy. Fortunately, she was able to persuade her supervisor to tell her the truth and leave her alone.

Christina yells out “Who did this to me?” Teddy responds. He responds, “You did,” with a wry smile. Just in just one word, there’s a lot to unpack. To begin, does this mean Christina is Dolores, as previously suspected? It was hinted at earlier in the show that he didn’t recognize her by name, but someone who looked a lot like her was familiar to him.

There are a number of possibilities for the “you” Teddy refers to, including Christina, Hale, or Dolores Abernathy from Westworld. Many times, Dolores has taken a detour. Westworld’s most recent episode can be seen as a one-woman show. Dolores has many incarnations, among them Hale, Christina, and even William. The storyteller is the one who appears to be the most immersed in the narrative. Teddy or someone else must find a way to get out of this vicious cycle. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily


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