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Lil Wayne Mourns ‘Uncle Bob’ Former Cop Who Saved His Life After Suicide Attempt

Lil Wayne Mourns Former Cop Who Saved His Life following Suicide Attempt

Lil Wayne is mourning the passing of retired New Orleans police officer Robert Hoobler, affectionately known as “Uncle Bob,” who saved the rapper’s life after his 12-year-old suicide attempt.

“Everything happens for a reason. I was dying when I met u at this very spot. U refused to let me die,” Wayne posted on Monday (July 25) beside a picture of Hoobler on Instagram. “Everything that doesn’t happen, doesn’t happen for a reason. That reason being you and faith. RIP Uncle Bob. Aunt Kathie has been waiting for u. I’ll love & miss u both and live for us all.”

By way of the New Orleans Advocate, the body of Hoobler was discovered in his house in Jefferson, La. He had reached the age of retirement. Relatives say he had health concerns originating from an automobile accident and diabetes, which eventually led to the amputation of both of his legs. It’s one of the best stories about Hoobler as a person that David Lapene, a former coworker of Hoobler’s, has ever heard.

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Last August, the rapper, who is now 39 years old, sat down with Emmanuel Acho, a former NFL player and the author of Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man, to talk about his struggles with mental health and talk about how he tried to kill himself when he was so young. He had phoned the police before locating his mother’s revolver in her bedroom and placing it to his head on November 11, 1994. To signal to the cops that someone was inside, Wayne detailed how the blood from his chest made it simple for him to slide across the floor and then kick through the door, letting them know he was there.

Lil Wayne Mourns Former Cop Who Saved His Life after suicide attempt

“They saw me — they as in the cops — they just jumped clean over me and went through the house, talking about, ‘I found the drugs! I found the gun!’ Uncle Bob ran up there, and when he got to the top of the steps and saw me there, he wouldn’t even step over me,” Weezy said of Hoobler, who was off-duty at the time but went to Wayne’s apartment after hearing the dispatcher say that a boy had shot himself. “One of them yelled, ‘I got the drugs!’ And that’s when he went crazy. He was like, ‘I don’t give a f— about no drugs! Do you not see the baby on the ground?!’ … He’s screaming at ’em, and they all came out the other room like, ‘Oh sorry, boss. We called the ambulance.’ He’s like, ‘I don’t give a f—!’ So he called one of their names [and said] ‘Your car, now!’ Picked me up and just kept telling me some sh– like, ‘You’re not gonna die on me, you’re not gonna die on me.’ … And so he got me to the hospital, he brought me there and made sure I was good.”

Lil Wayne continued: “I met him years later. But he was like, ‘I don’t want nothing. I just want to say I’m happy to see that I saved a life that mattered.’” Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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