Black Clover Movie Will Return From Its Hiatus Shortly, Says New Report

Fans have always been aware that Asta will ultimately come back to Black Clover Movie, even though the band has been on hiatus for quite some time now. It would appear that his return is just around the corner at this point.

There is a fresh rumor that has been published, and the source of this news is none other than Shonen Jump…! The story suggests that Black Clover will return this month.

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The information was provided by the newspaper Weekly Shonen Jump, which also mentioned Black Clover movie in a teaser that was uploaded on the magazine’s app a few days ago. You can see a banner that was posted regarding Tabata’s title that announced a new chapter was going to be released soon on the website of Viz Media, which can be found below.

Black Clover Movie Will Return From Its Hiatus Shortly, Says New Report
Black Clover Movie Will Return From Its Hiatus Shortly, Says New Report

The next chapter of the Black Clover movie is expected to be published on July 31st if the report is accurate. Both Tabata and Shueisha have, up to this point, refrained from commenting on the return rumors that have been circulating.

Fans are feeling confident that Asta may indeed make his return this month because Viz Media has not taken down the banner yet and it has been there for some time. If you have been following Black Clover movie, you will know that the band always planned to get back to its old self before the month of August.

After all, the television show was put on hold in April of 2022, and Tabata promised the audience that he would be back to work in three months’ time.

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The performer was taking some time off in order to get themselves ready both psychologically and physically for Asta’s last act. You are aware that the Black Bull magician has a lot of work to do before the Black Clover event can conclude.

Because of this, the only person who will be busier than Asta will be Tabata himself, which means that you really can’t blame the artist for wanting to take some time for himself.

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