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Jordan Peele Net Worth (Updated 2022): Wiki, Career, Lifestyle, Married & More

Jordan Peele Net Worth

Jordan Peele Net Worth

Hollywood is filled with actors that have constantly made their mark not only on the media but also in the hearts of the fans. When it comes to comedy, films, and acting, Jordan Peele is a name a lot of people resonate with. That’s why Jordan Peele’s net worth is something a lot of people are curious to know. But before we get into all about Jordan Peele’s net worth, let’s know a lot more about his career. 

Jordan Peele is an American actor, writer, director, and comedian who earned his fame starting with the Comedy Central sketch series called “Key and Peele”. It has aired 53 episodes over 5 seasons in three years between 2012 and 2015. After his grand career in the field of comedy, he pivoted towards directing, and with the 2017 film “Get Out”, his career in direction skyrocketed to the stratosphere. The film in itself grossed over $255 million at the box office and since then he has never had to look back. Over the years he has done many more things, ensuring the huge Jordan Peele’s net worth we see today.

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Jordan Peele’s Early Life

Jordan Peele was born in New York on February 1, 1979, and he spent his childhood growing up on the Upper West Side of NYC. He did his graduation from The Calhoun School and after pursuing his graduation he went on to start pursuing a career at Sarah Lawrence College. Today we see Jordan Peele’s net worth, but it can be tied back to the time when he dropped out just after two years in college and went ahead to pursue a career in comedy.

Jordan Peele Career

Jordan Peele’s net worth is huge and it all started with the improv comedy life he started. His career began with performing improv comedy with Boom Chicago and Second City Chicago. At the beginning of the 2000s, he hosted MTV’s very popular “Comedy Weekend.” From there, in 2003 he got an opportunity to be a cast member on the successful sketch comedy series, “MADtv” and there he got a chance to work with Keegan-Michael Key.

On the show, he created many popular characters and one thing that made the fans fall in love with his performance was the excellent impersonations of characters like Ja Rule, James Brown, Barack Obama, Justin Guarini, and many others. It’s not only his comedy sketches that made him so famous and got him the huge Jordan Peele net worth. His song, “Sad Fitty Cent” was nominated for an Emmy and he appeared on the show for as many as five seasons. 

From there he started his career in acting, co-starring in the pilot for, “The Station” and got a chance for a recurring role in “Children’s Hospital.” The movie he wrote and produced, “Get Out” not only earned him millions contributing to the overall Jordan Peele’s net worth but also was nominated for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Picture at the 2018 Academy Awards. It also earned him the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. In addition to that, he got another Academy Award nomination for producing the film, “Blackkklansman.”

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Jordan Peele’s Personal Life

Although Jordan Peele has an interesting career, created a massive Jordan Peele net worth, and changed his career direction multiple times, when it comes to his personal life, it has always been quite stable. He started dating his fellow comedian Chelsea Peretti back in 2013 and ended up getting engaged in 2015. They welcomed their first child in 2017. It was Chelsea’s brother Jonah Peretti who co-founded the very famous The Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

Jordan Peele Personal Life

Jordan Peele’s Net Worth And More

Jordan Peele’s net worth is huge owing to all that he has done in his life. As of 2022, the total Jordan Peele’s net worth stands at a staggering $50 million. It can all be tied back to the extremely successful films he has produced and the real estate he has invested in. His film, “Get Out” grossed over $255 million worldwide while his other film “Us” went on to earn as much as $255 million. In 2017, Jordan Peele and his wife Chelsea paid $2.275 million for a home in LA’s Los Feliz neighborhood.

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