The Gray Man 2 With Ryan Gosling And Spin Off Film in Development At Netflix

Netflix hasn’t yet declared the opening number for their latest release, “The Gray Man” and the news of renewal is out. Streaming in multiple countries, “The Gray Man” is making headlines even before its release. But the news of “The Gray Man 2,” a sequel to the original series is making the fans excited for brand new content. Of course, it has evolved as a fan-favorite film with Ryan Gosling swooning us with his good looks. So, what are the plans for “The Gray Man 2” and is the release date confirmed? You do not have to worry about anything since the details are out. 

Is “The Gray Man 2” Really Happening?

The release of the first part got a record-breaking response. Over the weekend, “The Gray Man” has been sitting at No.1 in 92 countries. As a matter of fact, the film got 91% on Rotten Tomatoes clearly justifying how much the audiences loved this.

The Gray Man 2
The Gray Man 2

Netflix’s aim with this and “The Gray Man 2” is to create a 007-style spy franchise. The OTT giant had spent more than $200 million in executing the whole idea to perfection. But with “The Gray Man 2,” the plans are enormous.

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The Details Regarding “The Gray Man 2”

It is heard that AGBO’S Mike Larocca and Roth Kirschenbaum Films’ Joe Roth and Jeffrey Kirschenbaum are ready to produce “The Gray Man 2” along with Netflix. Stephen McFeeley will be writing the script for “The Gray Man 2” and this time, he will be acting solo. His partner Christopher Markus, won’t be a part of it. The first film of the series was based on the Mark Greaney novel. But what is the inspiration for “The Gray Man 2”? As of now, the details connected to that are missing. But it is heard that screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese who are the icons behind “Deadpool” and “Zombieland” scribes are coming on board. It will be a little edgier and of course, experimental.

Gosling is expected to return for his title role in “The Gray Man 2” and the iconic duo of the Russo brothers will be directing it again. 

As a matter of fact, this week when the San Diego Comic-Con was hosted, it was confirmed by Kevin Feige that the Russos will not be directing the “Avengers” movies. Previously, the Russos showed interest to be part of the franchise again but fans kept wondering what went wrong. Maybe because the talents are focusing on creating a highly profitable and blockbuster empire for the OTT giant, Netflix instead. And “The Gray Man 2,” they are just going in some other direction by aiming to create a legacy.

While talking to the Empire, Joe Russo mentioned about the sequel, “This is being conceived as a series of films, and again, potentially branching out, we could follow other characters,” “So you’re gonna finish the movie, [and] have a complete story, but you’re still gonna have questions about the wider universe.” 

“But we’re already thinking through where it goes from here. We like to build out worlds, and we would rather gamble on the upside and put in the energy and time to build out that universe prior to the release so that the ideas are more germane and organic. That’s how you build out a more complex mosaic narrative…We’re intimately involved in all of it. The focus is to make ‘Gray Man 2’. Our appetite is voracious and the intention is always to do more than we can.”

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It seems that Russos’ vision for “The Gray Man 2” is clear and you can see it in the very next film.

Sadly, you won’t be seeing Chris Evans in “The Gray Man 2”. Many “Captain America” fans are highly disappointed with the news of Chris Evans missing from “The Gray Man 2”. But all is fair. 

To get back to “The Gray Man” it has become Netflix’s most-viewed film. Just a little bit of a harmless spoiler, the hero will survive and the villain will die. But there are several other questions that may be answered in the sequel, “The Gray Man 2”.

Before waiting for “The Gray Man 2,” watch the first part and stay in line with the cinematic brilliance.

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