Marvel’s What if…? Season 2 is Arriving Early 2023 With More Captain Carter, Neil Gaiman’s 1602

Disney Plus will broadcast season 2 of Marvel Studios’ What If…? in early 2023. At the San Diego Comic-Con, Cartoon Network unveiled a sneak peek of the next season. Reportedly, there are appearances by well-known characters in unexpected roles (Steve Rogers as the Winter Soldier, anyone?) and a segment based on Neil Gaiman’s alternate reality limited series 1602, according to those present.

In a special racing episode, characters from Shang-Chi and Odin fight, and Iron Man gets stuck on the trash planet Sakaar. Additionally, Marvel said that the third season of Marvel Zombies is in the works, as well as the development of a spin-off show.

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What If…?, written by Ms. Marvel episode writer A.C. Bradley, will premiere on Disney Plus in 2021. In a departure from the familiar Marvel Cinematic Universe narrative, this animated series delves into alternate timelines in the multiverse and examines what may have happened if things had gone differently in the films.

There were many Marvel characters and franchises included in the first nine episodes of the series, including Captain America and Black Panther. If Peggy Carter had been given the Super Soldier Serum in the first episode, for example, what would have happened? Many more Marvel characters’ stories are likely to be upended and rewritten in the upcoming second season, which will likewise consist of nine episodes.

More About What if Season 2
What if Season 2

More About What If…?

An American animated anthology series based on the Marvel Comics series What If…? was created by A. C. Bradley for the Disney+ streaming service. In addition to being Marvel Studios’ first animated series, it is also the fourth television series in the MCU. The series looks at what would have happened if certain key moments in the MCU films had taken place in a different order in the multiverse.

Bryan Andrews acts as the film’s director, and Bradley is the film’s main writer. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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