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David Copperfield Net Worth (Updated Today): How Rich Is The Illusionist?

David Copperfield net worth

David Copperfield net worth

The world’s best illusionist, David Copperfield is deemed to be the richest magician on this planet. David Copperfield’s net worth solely came from his career of showing people to believe in magic. The popularity of the illusionist is worldwide and David Copperfield’s net worth is mostly the result of the multiple shows he has every year. He has over 515 shows every year in Las Vegas MGM Grand alone.

As a matter of fact, David Copperfield’s net worth is so high that even during the Coronavirus pandemic when businesses were shutting down, David kept and paid every staff member personally for two years. So, how is David Copperfield’s net worth and how great is his life?

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David Copperfield’s Early Life

Born David Seth Kotkin on 16th September 1956 in Metuchen, New Jersey, David was raised in a Jewish household. His mother Rebecca was an insurance adjuster whereas his father Hyman owned a men’s haberdashery named Korby. At the age of 3 to 4 years, David found interest in magic and started learning both magic as well as ventriloquism at Warren, New Jersey’s Camp Harmony. He started by performing in the local areas and called the show, “Davino the Boy Magician”.

David Copperfield’s net worth was directed by fate as he became the youngest person to get admission to the reputable Society of American Magicians. Then after four years, he completed his course in magic at New York University. Apart from that, he studied at Metuchen High School and then attended Fordham University. But only after three weeks, he did leave college to be a part of Chicago’s musical production, “The Magic Man” and here came his stage name, “Davide Copperfield.”

David Copperfield’s Career

At the age of 19, David introduced the crowd to his first ever stage show, “Magic of David Copperfield”. The show was available for the public to watch at Honolulu’s Pagoda Hotel. Then in 1977, David was lucky enough to get an ABC special name “The Magic of ABC”. In 1978, CBS picked up his special, and the specials continued from 1978 to 2001. David Copperfield’s net worth was already at its high. But in 1980, he also got the opportunity to play the role of The Magician in “Terror Train”. 

The biggest success of David’s career was when he vanished the Statue of Liberty and then made it reappear in 1996.  The star had done many collaborations with fellow artists like Davide Ives, Eiko Ishioka, and Ford Coppola for launching his Broadway show, “Dreams & Nightmares”. For his books, “David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible” and “David Copperfield’s Tales of the Impossible,” he worked with authors like Ray Bradbury, Dean Koontz, and more.

Over the years, David Copperfield’s net worth kept peaking and he even got the chance to perform at a UNICEF benefit hosted at the White House. The magician also appeared in “Scrubs,” “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” and “Orpah’s Next Chapter”. He chose to play himself in “The Crazy Ones” and also was in “7 Days in Hell”. He also voiced two episodes of the famous animated show, “The Simpsons”. David was also the co-producer of  “Now You See Me 2”.

David Copperfield

Here is David Copperfield’s list of awards:

In 1993, David was in love with German supermodel Claudia Schiffer. The couple was engaged in 1994 but in 1999, they broke up. In 2006, Copperfield was committed to French model Chloe Gosselin. They had their first child Sky in February 2010. Apart from his daughter, he has two more children Dylan and Audrey with Czech model Marie Petlickova. But he then launched the rehabilitation program, “Project Magic” which was another huge success. In spite of David Copperfield’s net worth, he was also accused of drugging and also sexually assaulting a couple of women.

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David Copperfield’s Net Worth

David Copperfield’s net worth is $ 1 billion. He achieved his billionaire status in July 2018. Every year, he makes $60 million in salary. In the case of real estate, he has a humongous portfolio of $200 to 300 million. Besides, David Copperfield’s net worth also consists of priceless art. He has over 150,000 items and books. The valuable items come from legends like Harry Houdini, Roger Houdin, Georges Melies, and more. The entire collection is secured in a 40,000-square-foot warehouse and is estimated to be of huge $500 million.

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