Em Rata’s Public Dig at Ex Amid Divorce (UPDATED)

Emily Ratajkowski’s Twitter likes are letting people talk about her separation from Sebastian Bear-McClard. Though as of yet nothing has been addressed officially by the model about the rumors of divorce, Emily has not just been “liking” tweets with regards to the end of their wedding but rather also regarding the purported betrayal of the producer.

According to reports from Page Six, one of the Tweet that Emily Ratajkowski supported reads “Can’t believe that little b**ch cheated on Em Rata.” Another Tweet notes “Girls, how are we celebrating Em Rata’s divorce.”

One of the other fans tweeted “Em Rata finally free from that man just proves that god is actually very real.” The news was first revealed by Page Six that the 31-year-old Inamorata designer is parting ways with Bear-McClard as a result of the latter’s betrayal.

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One of the reliable sources said “Yeah, he cheated,” adding further “He’s a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog.” Representatives for both Emily Ratajkowski as well as Bear-McClard didn’t comment anything yet on the reports. 

The speculations about their split started circulating for the first time when Emily was spotted without her wedding ring on, though she was still captured with Bear-McClard hand-in-hand.

In February 2018, Emily and Bear-McClard tied the knot in a courthouse ceremony following their decision to go public with their romance just two weeks before.

As the rumors of their separation spread, Emily has been having some real good time with her father and 1-year-old son named Sylvester. The model shared a cute picture across the weekend of her father smiling as he carried Sylvester, who was all covered in blue paint (appeared to be) from top to bottom but her father was absolutely paint-free.

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