Who Is Joseph Quinn Dating? Is he Single?

A lot of fans must be wondering if Joseph Quinn, the actor who gained popularity as Eddie Munson (character he played in the television series titled “Stranger Things”), is dating someone. Let’s know this in the article below.

The actor landed the cast of Stranger Things Season 4 to portray the newest inclusion to Hawkins High, and though it took a moment for the jury’s decision, towards the end of the season everyone agreed to the point that suggest Eddie Munson can stay.

In an interview with ELLE Australia before the premiere of the fourth season, Joseph Quinn said “Getting to know [the cast] was a treat,” adding further “They’re just interesting people.”

The same thing he could claim for himself as well as his content on TikTok reveals a world of Eddie content. Now with the fan following he gained with his looks, people must be curious to know Joseph Quinn

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Is Joseph Quinn in a Relationship?

Currently, with the information we have, it looks like the 29-year-old actor is single, but it may turn out that he is dating someone but not ready to make it public and continue to keep it a secret.  

In May 2022, He created his Instagram account during the premiere of the fourth season of Stranger. But he acknowledged that he does not handle his account. 

But considering the type of content his Instagram has, it’s safe to predict that he prefers to maintain his personal life private and away from media attention. 


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The point that indicates Joseph isn’t in any relationship as of now is in July, Doja cat notoriously questioned Noah Schnapp for Quinn’s contact following a Tweet that read “Joseph Quinn fine as s–t.”

In a now-deleted TikTok that Noah shared, a snap of DMs by Doja was disclosed: “Noah can u tell Joseph to HMU. Wait for no. Does he have a gf?”

With amazement, Noah responded “Lmaooo slide into his DMs.”

It is not known if Doja Cat had any remarks from Quinn, however, the truth is that Noah Schnapp clearly told her to go ahead for it and recommends his co-actor isn’t dating anyone.

Though Joseph seems to be tight-lipped about his personal life, he is fine to discuss his relationships with his Stranger Things’ co-stars.

Quinn told ELLE Australia “[Season four] was very easy to film, I mean, it was very long and it could feel a little difficult at times, but [the cast] were just lovely people—it was great.”

This cannot be denied that the cast are very close with each other, in fact, Charlie Heaton and who portray the character of Johnathan and Nancy respectively started dating following they met on set and the couple are still going strong. 

In the meantime, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp who portray Eleven and Will, in the series also disclosed recently that they had reached a deal to tie the knot if they are not in any relationship at 40. We can call it a classic move as best friends.

So, with the above information, it is still a mystery if Joseph Quinn is dating and we hope that the news soon reveals if he has a partner until then stay tuned.

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