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Will There Be a “Zombies 4”? Animated Series, Recap and More

Will There Be a “Zombies 4”

Will There Be a “Zombies 4”

Zombie, a musical-dance film that first premiered on Disney Channel in February 2018 has won many hearts undoubtedly. It is inspired by Zombies & Cheerleaders by David Light and Joseph Raso. The film became successful which led its makers to release the sequel that aired on February 14, 2020.

And finally, after more than two years, Zombies 3 premiered on July 15, 2022, on Disney plus and will be premiering on Disney Channel the next month. 

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Zombies 4: Will it happen?

So as of yet, there is no official confirmation about Zombies 4. Furthermore, it was confirmed before the premiere of Zombies 3 that the third installment will be the final one so considering this, we won’t get Zombies 4. 

Milo Manheim, who played the character of Zed in the film said during an interview “You know what? It leaves it open for a fourth, but it also does a really good job of wrapping it up as well.” In another interview, he said “We’re going to have to see about [Zombies 4]. We’re going to have to see if you guys like Zombies 3, and then we can decide.”

There are many speculations but as of now, there are no possibilities of getting the fourth installment of Zombies. 

Zombies 3 Recap

At the beginning of Zombies 3, Zed’s main objective is to be the first ever zombie to attend Mountain College which would actually make way for the rest of the zombies to enter college.

But the plan fails to succeed as the aliens reach Seabrook after their home planet gets destroyed. They are looking for Utopia, their “perfect new home.” It is within the “most precious thing” in Seabrook and a scout left it decades ago.

In exchange for assisting Zed with his application for college, Addison and Zed helped the aliens to find where the coordinates are. And like the Zombies 2 hinted, Addison isn’t a cheerleader but actually she turns out to be an alien.

Later, on Seabrook High’s graduation day, the aliens are all set to move to Utopia when they begin to ask the reason for which Angie turned it tough for them to discover the “most precious thing” in Seabrook.

Addison tells them “Sometimes you need conflict. Look what happened once we overcame our differences. Together, we made progress. Conflict isn’t always bad. Being challenged sometimes pushes us to be better.”

The aliens understand she is right and rather than heading to Utopia, they boarded down to Seabrook for their new beginnings. The third installment of Zombies concludes with the new normal set up in Seabrook where werewolves, zombies, aliens, cheerleaders as well as other species can lead their lives together.

There’s always another species that could definitely reach Seabrook to upset the dynamic once again, though it seems like this could be the conclusion.

Zombies: The Re-Animated Series

Although Zombies 4 is less likely to happen, the Zombies franchise has still something to amaze its viewers as an animated TV show named Zombies: The Re-Animated Series was confirmed by Disney.

Not much has been revealed with regard to the upcoming anime yet but it will have Zed, Addison, Willa, Eliza and “the entire Seabrook crew”.  The official synopsis reads “This gang may have figured out each other, but they haven’t quite figured out how to survive high school,” adding “Get ready for more musical fun and new friends as Seabrook becomes the #1 destination for all kinds of mythical monsters looking for a fresh start.

And this means some pretty wild adventures – from the cafeteria to the football field – because sometimes the scariest thing you have to face is high school.”

Taking into consideration that Addison and Zed completed their graduation now, it’s possible that it will be set earlier in the Zombies timeline instead of picking the story from the Zombies 3’s end.

Though Zombies 4 is not likely to happen as of yet, the upcoming anime will certainly cheer its viewers. Keep a watch on our website for more such news.

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