Faze Temperrr Net Worth, Biography, Girlfriend, And More Info

These days many celebrities are demonstrating their unique skills through YouTube channels. They are being popular in the eyes of the public. People are always curious about their new videos and want to know their celebrities’ personal life, career, and more information. So, we will write an article about famous YouTuber Faze Temperrr net worth, his early life, height, weight, physical appearance, girlfriend, marital status, and awards and achievements. 

Faze Temperrr is a renowned American-Brazilian Call of Duty Player. He has a business named # 1 Call Of Duty clan, also known as Faze Clan. The exciting thing is that it is an American pro team in the online game. 

Temperrr is a famous YouTuber; he is now 28 years old. He is well known professional gamer and entrepreneur. His YouTube channel iiTeMpeR has more than  2.05 million subscribers.

This article concludes with information about Faze Temperrr net worth, early life & biography, girlfriend and marital status, awards, and achievements. So, read the complete article to know more detailed information. 

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Early Life And Biography

Faze Temperrr was born in Brazil on August 25, 1993. His original name is Thomas Oliveira. He moved to New York early and spent most of his life there.

He shifted to Los Angeles along with his company members after becoming a popular YouTuber. There he lives with them in a huge mansion which has many bedrooms.

Apart from this, he is an American- Brazilian Professional gamer, YouTuber, businessman, and Chief Executive officer of the Faze Clan. Faze is also an American-Brazilian professional gamer, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and CEO of the Faze Clan. There is not much information about his academics. He has more than 10 million subscribers on his various YouTube channels. He is well famous among his fans.

Career Before Faze Temperrr Net Worth

What began as a pastime for fun and developed into a fierce obsession is now one of the nicest fantasies a kid could have. The better way to control your enthusiasm in your career is to start an eSport Organization. Faze also built the idea, which was very distinct and variable.

Although, he started the FaZe Clan YouTube channel on May 30, 2010. The set-up emulates Counter-strike’s Global Offensive, Overwatch, which is much famous Call Of Duty, FIFA, and other tournaments.

Temperrr is also the chief executive officer of FaZe Clan and co-owner with his team members such as Yousef Apex, and Richard. 

Apart from this organization, he has also started his fashion line. Along with creating his fashion line and earning a respectable living via YouTube, FaZe Temperrr now sells sweatshirts, t-shirts, and jackets bearing the FaZe Clan logo. 

However, GFuel Energy and Scuf Gaming, the group’s partners, are its two primary sponsors. Five individuals work as editors for all of the “FaZe Clan” videos under the name FaZe Temperrr.

This business is still succeeding on social media. FaZe Clan seems to have more than 2 million daily users and is also doing well despite fewer followers. It is also important to remember that it was a sizable organization with roughly 65 players or video creators.

Height, Weight, And Physical Appearance

Many Fans want to know about the physical appearance of their celebrities, like height, weight, physical structure, eye colors, and body shape. Here we are going to describe Temperrr’s physical appearance. He stands at the height of 6 feet and 2 inches. His approximate body weight is  75 kg because weight is not constant volume. It changes from time to time. 

Faze Temperrr Girlfriend And Marital Status

This section will share information about Thomas Oliveira’s married life and girlfriends. In 2013, he was engaged with Sassy Lin. Currently, she is also a popular gamer. After breaking the relationship with her, he was in a relationship with Megan, but the relationship was unsuccessful, and they broke up. Now he is dating Tasha. His fans and friends know that he often changes his love interest. 

Faze Temperrr With Girlfriend
Faze Temperrr With Girlfriend

Faze Temperrr Net Worth 

Faze Temperrr has earned a massive net worth in just a short period. He also has a big fan following. Faze Temperrr has a total net worth of $5 million. His total net worth will increase significantly as he is doing well. Most of Faze Temperrr net worth was collected from his YouTube channel and sponsorships.

Faze Temperrr House and Cars

In the Hollywood Hills, he has not one but two luxury homes. In 2013, he also purchased a brand new BMW M3, which he continues to use today.

Awards and Achievements

At the head of the line, Faze Temperrr and his team took first place with $10,000. Subsequently, they won numerous prizes in various tournament plays. He has 8.67 million users on the prominent Faze Clan and 2.03 million members on his individual Youtube page, Faze Temperrr.

Faze Temperrr’s Hobbies And Interest

He loves to play volleyball as he had a volleyball player. He and his roommates have fun and act like ninjas. Apart from this, he does all sorts of boarding, including skateboarding and wakeboarding.

In addition, he likes to play Call of Duty as this one is his favorite sport. He always says that man can preserve good memories by traveling outside his comfort zone. He also likes traveling.


We hope you have found all the information about Faze Temperrr net worth, early life & biography, career, personal life and married life, physical appearance, houses & cars, hobbies & interests, awards, and achievements. If you need more updated information, then stay tuned with us.

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