“Kingdom Hearts 4” Release Date Status, Trailer and All We Know Thus Far

When Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts 4 earlier this year, many people around the world were astonished. The company showed us a new trailer full of teases and even some gameplay. Sora will reprise his role as the protagonist of the fourth mainline Kingdom Hearts game.

Despite the lack of information on when the game would be released, we did get to see some gameplay. With more realistic environments and more fluid action, it appears to be a vastly different experience. Kingdom Hearts 4 is sure to get a lot more attention later this year, but for now, Square Enix is remaining quiet.

To tide them over until then, the gaming community is working feverishly to decipher the hints and secrets hidden in the latest teaser. We have only the video to rely on at the moment, but there has been some interesting reporting on some possible pointers to impending themes that will be at the heart of the new game’s narrative.

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We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to Kingdom Hearts 4 to keep you up to date on all the latest news and developments. If there are any rumors or reports, we’ll take a look at them to see if they’re true or not, as we come closer to a likely release date. To keep up with the latest developments, please return to this page frequently.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

To begin, no firm date has been set for the arrival of Kingdom Hearts 4. Kingdom Hearts, unlike most other properties, doesn’t really play by the rules when it comes to predicting a release date. Kingdom Hearts 3 was in active development for five years before its release, with considerably more time spent between major releases. Because of this, we need to see more of KH4 before we can speculate on a probable release date for the game.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Gameplay and Release Date
Kingdom Hearts 4 Gameplay and Release Date

Kingdom Hearts 4 Gameplay

Square Enix showed out some gameplay at the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement, despite not giving out much information. Using a Keyblade, we see Sora battling with a big heartless, and whipping through floaty automobiles in the teaser. While fighting, Sora appears to be able to fly through the air at a high rate of speed.

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal trailer

With a new style and smaller shoes, the announcement video showed us an extremely lifelike Sora. A more grounded Quadratum setting seems to be the setting of the reveal. Kingdom Hearts 3’s hidden conclusion takes place here, as does the Re: Mind expansion.

Before they are met with the blue flame-spitting booming voice, Donald and Goofy find themselves in a dark wilderness. In a similar fashion to Hades, this flame becomes crimson when the voice becomes irate. Nobody knows for sure who’s speaking, but it sounds like Hade’s. Finally, ‘The Lost Master Arc’ was the only other mention in the trailer. After the events of Kingdom Hearts 3, this suggests a new plot and a new age.

Could Kingdom Hearts 4 have Star Wars and Marvel worlds?

It has long been speculated that characters from the Star Wars and Marvel universes could appear in Kingdom Hearts 4 and beyond. Now that Disney controls both assets, everything is fair game. It’s possible to discern a Star Wars-themed region in the trailer, according to some.

When you get to around 30 seconds into the video, you’ll notice an Endor-like forest. Even in the backdrop, there’s what appears to be an AT-foot. ST’s For a new universe, it makes sense to go with Star Wars. However, that doesn’t mean that Kingdom Hearts 4 will include it.

Unreal Engine 5

Famitsu (as translated by VGC) reported shortly after the reveal that Kingdom Hearts 4 will employ Unreal Engine 5. With Unreal Engine 5 already in the world, it’s reasonable to assume that the KH4 will arrive with enhanced lighting and textures.

“The full game will be made with Unreal Engine 5, and the lighting and details will be several levels higher,” says the article. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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