Spergo Net Worth 2022: How much is the worth of Shark Tank Alumni?

The young entrepreneur of Spergo clothing has impressed the audiences and the sharks with his impressive story. Trey Brown was only 12 years old when he started his own clothing brand, Spergo. Today, Spergo’s net worth may be in the millions but the day it started, the brand literally had to build from scratch. After appearing in Shark Tank, Speargo clothing crossed new milestones. So, what happened to Spergo’s net worth and where is it today? We will find out everything about Spergo’s net worth, its current status and the condition of the business.

What is Spergo’s?

Trey Brown came to Shark Tank with a dream to make his lifestyle streetwear brand trending in the market. The business is based in Philadelphia, and the story behind his business set-up is truly inspiring. He wanted to stay away from the violence existing in his hometown. So, he decided to focus all his energy and time to initiate Spergo’s net worth.

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How Did Trey launch Gis Company Spergo?

On his birthday, Brown got $178 dollars as a gift. He used that money to commence the journey of Spergo’s net worth. With that money, he purchased customized and sold his first ever 16 t-shirts. He earned $280 from his first sale, and when his mother asked him what is his future plan with this money, he immediately said that he wanted to reinvest the amount.

Spergo Clothing
Spergo Clothing

As per the Washington Post interview, Brown stated that his primary source of inspiration was Nehemiah Davis who is a Philadelphia philanthropist. He started a YouTube course that taught Trey how to start his t-shirt business. From there, Spergo’s net worth motivation kept rising. 

And for the name, Spergo is the “combination of sports, heroes, and go-getters”. His mother was his major supporter of the business. In 2019, Brown became an integral part of the Invesco advertising campaign which was on CNN and his brand was also seen on the Times Square billboard.

How Much Did Trey Brown Value His Company When Striking A Deal With “Shark Tank”

Back in November 2021, Brown presented in front of the Sharks in the hit reality show, “Shark Tank”. Investors such as Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, and other respected judges were there. He valued his company at $1.5 million and his pitch landed him a deal of $300,000 investment from Daymond John. Daymond also demanded a 20% stake in Spergo and the deal was secured.

When Daymond was asked by CNN why he chose this deal, he said, “Obviously, I relate to this. I started a clothing brand, and my mother was — and is — a huge inspiration in my life.”

Event Brown stated during an interview with Post that he “always had an older spirit” since he focuses much of his energy on business growth and is now planning to complete his schooling online. He didn’t stop himself from having affirmations like, “I’m powerful. I’m strong. I’m a leader. I’m a billionaire.”

Of course, Spergo’s net worth is proving to be going in the right direction.

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What Is Spergo’s Net Worth In 2022?

Spergo’s net worth in 2022 is $2.2 million. The brand has garnered massive recognition. He hustled his way to the top by handing influencers his merchandise while waiting outside the concerts. 

He said that his Spergo’s net worth was a lot of hard work. Brown mentioned, “I made sure I was always there. I would sneak in and have a bag of SPERGO with me.” 

In 2020, Brown was lucky enough to meet Diddy in his mansion. Diddy instantly admired his ideas and gave Brown the first-ever Black Excellence Entrepreneurial grant of $25,000. With that money added to Spergo’s net worth, he started the first-ever brick-and-mortar store of Spergo in Philadelphia. As Spergo’s net worth is surging, he is even getting identified. Spergo became one of the two businesses to be personally chosen by the Philadelphia 76ers under the “Buy Black Program”. Some of the celebrities who were spotted wearing Spergo are Meek Mill, Grant Hill, Charles Barkley, and even the great Shaquille O’Neal.

Thus, Spergo’s net worth is reaching new heights every day and it is anticipated to increase more in the near future.

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