Big Timber Season 3: Has Netflix Confirmed The Release Date?

Reality TV shows always dominate the charts. And joining the crazy TV world was the Timber industry of Canada. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know about the thriving Canadian Timber industry. Big Timber is the same kind of reality TV show that is packed with excitement and drama. Kevin Westob and Sarah Fleming are the hardworking owners who show us a glimpse of the life they lead through and how they manage the transport business. After two successful seasons winning over everyone’s heart, will there be “Big Timber Season 3”? The news is regarding the “Big Timber Season 3,” and you will get to know if the team is returning to show the audiences their work. Let’s find out the details regarding “Big Timber Season 3”.

“Big Timber Season 3” Release Date? Will The Fans Be Able To Watch Another Season?

The first-ever “Big Timber” season dropped on 8th October 2020. Then Netflix booked it to stream it on their massive platform, and the show gained enormous popularity. People loved it and wanted to watch more of it. Thus, the show was renewed for a second season. After a considerable gap, “Big Timber Season 2” was released in October 2021 and streamed on the Canadian History Channel. But on 13th July 2022, Netflix dropped the series, and through the eight thrilling episodes, each episode lasts 41 minutes to 43 minutes.

Now for the “Big Timber Season 3,” neither the History Channel nor Netflix has confirmed anything. The chances of “Big Timber Season 3” getting a green signal are pretty high due to its loyal fans. Considering the recent popularity of the show, “Big Timber Season 3” has a possible return. “Big Timber Season 3” can be expected to be dropping in July 2023.  So, wait for the final confirmation to be excited or lose all hope regarding “Big Timber Season 3”.

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The Cast & Plot of “Big Timber Season 3”

The same cast as the previous seasons will be seen in “Big Timber Season 3”. As mentioned earlier, the story revolves around Kevin Wentsob’s popular log-logging business and how he has created an empire. The power couple is ruling over the market along with his wife, Sarah Fleming. So, in “Big Timber Season 3,” we will be seeing Kevin, Sarah, and his sons, Erik Wenstob and Jack Wenstob. 

Big Timber Season 3 Cast
Big Timber Season 3 Cast

Other crew members like the right-hand of Kevin, Coleman Willner, Tom Verbruze, who is a grapple yarder operator, and other notable inclusions will be back for “Big Timber Season 3”. Moreover, you may also get to watch new characters whom you may not have ever met before in “Big Timber Season 3”.

But as of now, the entire cast list of “Big Timber Season 3” is unclear. Once all the details are out, we will update you about every single detail.

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Where To Watch “Big Timber Season 3”?

The first season of the show initially started by launching on the Canadian History Channel. As the rating was high, like it got an 8.6/1 IMDb rating and around 70% viewer rating at Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix picked it up. So, Netflix started streaming the show soon after the series was done airing on TV. For the second season, the same pattern was followed. First, it aired on the mainstream TV channel and later on Netflix. Thus, for “Big Timber Season 3,” It is anticipated that the same format is going to be trusted. 

It is not sure if there are any more changes in the plan, but until further updates, we can assume that “Big Timber Season 3” will be coming back to the Canadian History Channel and Netflix.

With so many new shows on the line, the craze for “Big Timber Season 3” is still the same. Netflix has given exposure to “Big Timber, ” which has led to its sudden popularity. What more to expect from the brand new “Big Timber Season 3”? The details will be revealed once the creators speak out. So, do not be disheartened and hope for the quick release of “Big Timber Season 3”. Have you started counting days?

Stay tuned for more updates, Lee Daily.

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