Genshin Impact Dehya Realease Date, Elemental Vision, And Abilities!

Recently, the Genshin Impact community has revealed a number of new characters, including one by the name of Deya. When it comes to her appearance in the latest Hoyoverse trailer, she’s a tall, dark-haired female figure who wears dark-colored clothing. Version 3.0 of Genshin will very certainly include the Sumeru region.

Other Dendro-using archers like Collie and Tighnari will make appearances in both reruns and original series in the next months. Everything we’ve learned about Dehya will be laid forth in this section. Genshin Impact’s Versions 2.8 and 3.0 sites, as well as everything we know about the Dendro Vision, will keep you up to date on any leaks and news. You can also get free Primogems by visiting our codes page.

Genshin Impact – Dehya Release Date

It is expected that Dehya will not be released in the 3.0 version but rather in either 3.1 or 3.2, according to leaked information. She is anticipated to be a 4-Star character, and if she is released at the same time as Nilou, she could appear on her banner.

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Elemental Vision: What Does Dehya See?

We see more of Dehya in the third teaser for Sumeru, and her Vision is clearly visible. Her Pyro status has been officially established.

What Is Dehya’s Weapon of Choice?

This would make Dehya the third Pyro Claymore character after Diluc and Xinyan, making her a two-handed weapon user. This has yet to be verified.

What are Dehya’s Abilities?

There are two active abilities and a passive ability for each Genshin Impact character. In order to fully charge one of the skills, it takes a while longer than the others. Dehya’s talents and Constellations have yet to be confirmed or even leaked.

Who Is Dehya?

Even after her most recent appearance in the teaser, little is known about this character. She is an Eremite mercenary and a member of Sumeru’s Desertfolk. According to her outward appearances, she’s a tall female adult with brown skin and black cat ears. Xinyan’s dark attire and rock ‘n’ roll mood are echoed in her wardrobe (and general appearance). Dehya is rumoured to play a significant role in the Sumeru updates’ character tales and objectives.

Best Genshin Impact Alloy Construction

Genshin Impact Dehya Release Date, Elemental Vision, And Abilities!
Genshin Impact Dehya Release Date, Elemental Vision, And Abilities!

Genshin Impact Aloy, a brand-new significant Mihoyo collaboration, transports the bow-wielding protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn to the Teyvat universe. Although Aloy’s arrival in the Genshin Impact universe is unknown, we do know that she is a legitimate five-star character with her own Elemental Skill, Burst, and animations.

We have essentially known everything about her when she originally appeared in Genshin Impact 2.1, from her attacks to her ascension resources. More than enough to create a top Genshin Impact Aloy build guide, particularly now that she is available on PC and mobile devices as well. Aloy’s appearance is probably meant to commemorate the recent addition of Genshin Impact cross-play functionality for PS4 and PS5.

This is the first significant character cooperation in Genshin Impact. In either case, we’re eager to see what she’s capable of. Read on in our Genshin Impact Aloy guide for additional details about the red-headed archer.

What Is the Genshin Impact Aloy Release Date?

Version 2.2 will be released on October 13, the same day as Genshin Impact Aloy’s release date. Since her PlayStation 2.1 release earlier this year, Aloy has been making her way to PC and mobile devices. All you have to do to get her is download version 2.2 and then go to your email. Be aware, though, that you must have a rating of 20 or higher in adventure.

Is There a Genshin Impact Aloy Banner?

Aloy is a freebie, hence there is no Genshin Impact Aloy banner. Her absence from a banner makes her one of the few newly introduced characters (outside of the Traveler, of course).

What Is the Most Effective Genshin Impact Aloy Build?

Aloy’s main focus is on dealing massive amounts of damage with ATK. The only option she has is to use her Normal Attacks as Cryo DMG because she doesn’t have a really interesting equipment set. The good news is that she has a high stat stacking speed, thus it’s probably preferable to design her around these elemental limits.

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