What is the S*xuality of Jackson Mahomes? Is He Gay? 

Growing up in the shadow of a Super Bowl MVP like Patrick Mahomes isn’t easy. Patrick’s younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, can probably vouch for this. Despite the challenges, Jackson Mahomes has emerged as a social media sensation with more than a million followers on TikTok and Instagram, independent of Patrick’s influence.

A video of Jackson dumping water on a Baltimore Ravens fan went viral lately, and Patrick jumped to Jackson’s defense. The Ravens had just defeated Patrick’s Chiefs 36-35 when the event occurred. As soon as Jackson Mahomes became a public figure, there was a lot of discussion about his s*xual orientation.

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Jackson Mahomes Says He’s Attracted to Girls and is Not Gay

Jackson Mahomes made it clear in his debut YouTube video that he is not gay and has feelings for females. Many people doubt him because of his voice and his dance moves on TikTok, he said. “I am not gay, I am attracted to girls and I think it is a really hurtful question,” Jackson said.

“It’s kind of really disrespectful in my opinion to judge someone based on what they choose.” His voice is the primary reason that people presume he is gay, Jackson claims.


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He said that his biggest worry is his voice:

“My biggest insecurity is my voice. I hate hearing my voice. I got so much hate from it. I get so much judgement for my voice. Everyone automatically assumes, as soon as I start talking, ‘Are you gay?’”

Most Fan Questions About Mahomes’ S*xuality Are Hateful

Jackson Mahomes gets a lot of negative attention, especially from people who question his s*xuality. When people talk about him online, he pays attention, but he doesn’t respond. Jackson added, “I just look at the positives.” “I cherish the good supporters, the good people, and the fans that love me for me.”

On the footage of Jackson pouring water on the Ravens supporter, Patrick Mahomes stated that the guy said something terrible that the film didn’t record. After a while, he’d undoubtedly had enough of the vitriol slung at him. Patrick stated the following:

“Obviously, it’s something we don’t want to necessarily do. There were things that were said to him and Brittany [Patrick’s fiancée Brittany Matthews] that you don’t see in the clip. He’s been good at trying not to respond to that stuff. He takes a lot and he’s usually pretty good at it and he’ll learn from it and try to stay away from those people as best he can.”

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