Johnny Depp Swore in a Declaration That Amber Heard Never Did Him Any Harm: ‘Damning’

Newly-released court documents reveal that, contrary to what was claimed during the couple’s defamation trial in Fairfax County, Virginia, Johnny Depp claimed that his ex-wife Amber Heard had never hurt him.

Documents unsealed from the defamation litigation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have disclosed a number of previously unseen facts. Further facts concerning Johnny Depp’s severed finger, the couple’s divorce settlement, and private text messages between Depp and shock rocker Marilyn Manson were exposed in these documents, which sparked a lot of discussions online.

Some have dubbed the information in the docs “damning,” as Depp claimed he had never experienced a “specific mental or physical injury” as a result of Heard’s treatment of him.

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After the records were made public, both Heard’s and Depp’s supporters combed through them in search of anything that would support their respective positions. Twitter user @cocainecross produced a viral thread that outlined a variety of facts that appeared to be damaging to Depp and his legal team.

“Mr. Depp does not allege a specific cause of action for intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress; does not assert that Ms. Heard’s actions caused him a specific psychiatric injury, and does not claim that Ms. Heard’s actions caused him to experience unusually severe emotional distress,” a statement from the unsealed documents reads.

Multiple accusations were made by Depp’s defense team during the trial, which began April 11 in Virginia and ended on June 1, that Heard had suffered mental and physical trauma. When Heard wrote an op-ed claiming to be a domestic abuse survivor in 2018, she accused Johnny Depp of hitting her.

“Because Mr. Depp is not alleging hard based on a specific physical or mental injury, Ms. Heard’s motion fails to satisfy the “in controversy” and “good cause” requirements imposed by rule 4:10,” another excerpt from the unsealed documents stated.

Amber Heard Never Did Harm to Johnny Depp
Amber Heard Never Did Harm to Johnny Depp

As per the document, rule 4:10 “is to secure or preserve to a defendant the right, in a proper case, to have the injured person examined.” Because Depp claimed Heard never injured him physically or mentally, he was never legally forced to have any potential injuries assessed.

Johnny Depp’s attempt to keep this data concealed was deemed “the most damning piece of evidence” by a Twitter user who went through the leaked records.

Thousands of people flocked to Twitter to express their support for the findings, while others pointed out inconsistencies in the records that had been made public. “Yes, we know JD was trying to protect AH at first like victims usually do,” wrote @Mkyonmibak in response.

“He is not alleging a permanent injury that needs a [independent medical exam] or mental distress that requires an IME, unlike AH who claimed PTSD and had to have an IME,” @teerhbg pointed out. Defamation trial psychologist Dr. Dawn Hughes did claim that Heard was suffering from PTSD as a result of domestic violence.

There were many others who questioned why Depp was suing for financial loss and slander rather than deliberate infliction of emotional distress in this case. There were many who said it was clear from the finger-severing assertion that his injuries were caused by Heard, notwithstanding his failure to point to any one “specific” damage. Stay tuned with us only on Lee Daily

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