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Who Won Lego Masters Season 2? Check Now

LEGO Masters Season 2

LEGO Masters Season 2

Who Won Lego Masters Season 2?  Six fortunate players have advanced to the season finale after using their creativity to overcome a variety of tasks over the last 12 weeks on LEGO Masters. In the second-to-last episode of Season 2, friends Natalie and Michelle were eliminated after their castle failed, resulting in three teams competing in the season finals.

Mark, Steven, Caleb, and Jacob will also be included in the finals, where competitors have the flexibility to construct whatever they want, along with Zack and Wayne. They won the first task and have remained the frontrunners throughout the tournament. Who wins the $100,000 reward, though? Find out who won Season 2 of LEGO Masters by reading on.

Who Won Lego Masters Season 2?

All three teams playing in the season finale of the Lego Masters are brothers for the first time, and that is what we mean by sibling rivalry. Zack and Wayne have only placed in the bottom three once in Season 2, despite only winning one task. This suggests they represent a significant danger to the “Cliffhanger” victors, Caleb and Jacob.

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Fans believed that Mark and Steven had a decent chance of winning even though Caleb and Jacob had held their own throughout the competition and were in danger of elimination three times this season.

LEGO Masters Season 2

On the other side, some viewers think that the judges overestimated the talents of a few competitors. “[I’ve] Been watching LEGO Masters since it came out, and the second season is so rigged,” one LEGO Masters watcher tweeted. Zack and Wayne ought to have won the most recent construction and a few earlier ones, whereas Mark and Steven should have finished last in the previous two buildings.

The next LEGO Masters were ultimately identified after a final fight amongst the six builders who had all demonstrated their superior talent. Mark and Steven were declared the Season 2 champions when fans made their wagers, with Zack and Wayne coming in second and Caleb and Jacob coming in third.

Lego Masters Hosts Say the Season 2 Finale is the Biggest One Yet

Each team had 24 hours in the Season 2 finale to construct whatever they wanted, and LEGO Masters host Jamie Berard admitted it wasn’t simple. There was even more space for error because the builders were allowed total creative authority over their finished product.

The host of LEGO Masters suggested that only one team fully comprehended the challenge before the season finale, while the other two stumbled under pressure. You see, the teams approach it in very different ways, where one group comes in very confident, one team is finding their way, and another team is trying to fall back on strengths while pushing it a little bit, he said in an interview with TV Insider.

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